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Bandolier Brother

Formed a few years after The Death of Magic by John Jean-Jon after his departure from the Corporate army of the Tridoch Corporation in The Ashlands (Region), the Bandolier Brotherhood is a group which gives support to each other. His military background and family history led John to seek out a new sort of organization which would cater more to his ideals than the military career he had given up.   He picked up a few like-minded individuals on his travels westward over the Thirty Year mountains and eventually found himself in the The Giovan Dunes (Region). Adventurers seeking to find their fortune or simply glory had gathered in the small town of Hunter's Dreams many taverns and bars. Grouped around a table in one such tavern the party swore an oath of Brotherhood. They would be the family they were all seeking in one way or another, and their reach would only grow and grow. One by one they all noticed that for their own unconnected reasons they were all wearing a Bandolier: for ammunition, to hold alchemical reagents and bombs, to hold some playingg darts, to carry their sword belt, etcetera.   So The Bandolier Brothers were born. Once they hit their first fortune after exploring a recently unearthed tomb, the first thing they did was comission some uniform bandoliers so they could have some sense of unity. From then on, whenever someone else joins the organization they are given their very own bandolier.   There are different adventuring teams of brothers, and the team one belongs to is identified by a badge applied to the center of the Bandolier. At present time there are three distinct adventuring groups: Alpha Brothers, Bravo Brothers, and Charlie Brothers. When the brotherhood finds someone they wish to extend the mantle of brotherhood to they offer a bandolier in a ceremony of sorts. Some times there are challenges they must surpass such as a duel with an existing brother, a noodle eating contest, a drinking contest, or some times they are simply inducted quietly and quickly. It all depends on the inividual.   Brothers without a badge indicating they are not a member of one of the primary Adventuring teams are of course still brothers, and certainly allowed to adventure on their own. It just takes a certain amount of effort and contribution to christen a new Adventuring team of brothers. Tissue samples of all Adventuring brothers as well as other key personel (such as Kiss-Kiss) are kept in a safe and secure location in case something unfortunate were to ever happen to a brother, they would be brought back and a new sample preserved.

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