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A world in which a trio of mysterious fellows have stolen all the magical energy copes with the sudden loss of all the magic in the world. Divine energy still exists, though the effects are lessened due to the lack of magical energy in the world.   The island of Omnusat was a diverse place with a variety of ecosystems and regions on its broad shores.   Harsh deserts in the North, temperate forests in the South, Verdant Hills in the East, Grand Plains in the West, various mountain ranges and plenty of bodies of water.   The various kingdoms and nations on the island had been in a mostly peaceful era before The Death of Magic occurred. The balance of power in pretty much every region was thrown to the winds as the vacuum left by magics departure shocked the world into rapid change. Technologies were more readily adapted, Floating cities crashed to the earth and their masters fled with whatever wealth they could carry as well as their lives before their citizens decided to turn on them.   An end to the prosperous times of peace was upon the island of Omnusat, and it wasn't just the people who dwelled there who fanned the flames of conflict.   Rumors of creatures from other worlds have begun to surface, and it seems they do not suffer from the handicaps that the lack of magical power present to the inhabitants of this one. What exactly is it that they're looking for, to take advantage of weakness and enslave the inhabitants? Or is there some other motive for the large influx of creatures and peoples who just don't seem to fit in? How are they even accessing this world in which magic is said to have been stripped away?   This world takes itself only somewhat seriously, and is the home brew setting cooked up by a group of long-time tabletop gamers looking for something a little different from the usual settings.   Discussion Boards