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A viceroy is the offical tasked with ruling a city and its surrounding lands on behalf of their monarch. An individual may hold the title of viceroy for multiple cities. This is often the case when smaller cities are located next to each other. Instead of naming seperate viceroys for each city, a monarch will name on person the viceroy of all of them.


In Bailsär, viceroys are appointed by the ruling monarch of their kingdom. There are no offical qualifications needed, though a noble or royal is more likely to be named to the position than a commoner.

A monarch may choose to appoint an indivudual to the position as reward for an oustanding achievement that benefited the entire kingdom. In this case, the individual is likely to be named viceroy of a smaller city.


The viceroys are tasked with governing the city they are appointed to and the surrounding settlements.

Viceroys have full control over their city's government and may appoint and dismiss people as they see fit. They also have the power to create civil positions as needed. However, their monarch as final say on which positions may or may not exist.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If the kingdom's ruling monarch is unhappy with the viceroy's work, they may dismiss or remove the viceroy on any grounds. A viceroy may also be removed from their position with an unanimous vote from the Council of Nine.

Bailsäran monarchs will discretly send out investigators and/or spies to observe and report back on a viceroy's performance. This will be done routinely or when enough complaints are made against the viceroy to demand an investigation.

Civic, Political
Form of Address
His excellency
Source of Authority
Ruling Monarchs of Bailsär
Reports directly to

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