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Officer of the Fragile Sigil

An Officer of the Fragil Sigil is the title given to those who value peace and have demonstrated that value by avoiding armed conflict or diplomatic disasters.   Often awarded to diplomats or ambassadors who avoided conflicts through negotiations and many years of service. Or military officers who were able to avoid battles but not through capitulation (Nevel Chamberlain) but through the projection of strength and a willingness to protect the peace.   The award was originally designed by the The Fairy Council of Trilenius   The fragile sigil being referenced in the title given to these officers is representative of the fragile peace that is had between countries. It is recognized that war and conflict is the natural state between countries with different goals and peace is the fragile or rare exception.   The order began as a religious affiliation with in the Draconium faith. These were those who sought out to build peaceful relationships between countries before "The Ambassadorial Treaty of the Trilinian Fairy Council {WASC 2021}." These fairies would travel between countries and offer their services to the local rulers to try to build relationships as emissaries or a neutral party that can help their country. They were frequently accepted within the royal courts as they were able to perform magic. They may even reach the appointment of "royal court magician" for some of the countries.   Later, after the treaty, the order was no longer required in its current structure. As the ambassadors had replaced the order members the importance of the title officer became less significant. It was revilatized at a later time as an honorarium for those who excelled at their role of ambassador.  


Original Notes:

Trilinian: Bestowed for acts of devotion and bravery for the causes of peace. Often associated with the Draconium faith (of the five dragons)

Civic, Diplomatic


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