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The Ambassadorial Treaty of the Trilinian Fairy Council {WASC 2021}

In the year 10 CE, the Veterzemlyan Ambassador, Nestor Viktorov, was assassinated in the country of Rikenvatten; this assassination had the potential of starting a war between the two countries. A cursed Veterzemlyan, in the form of a lynx, was blamed for the assassination. The Rikenvatten investigation determined the accused, Yakov Solokov, was seeking revenge against Ambassador Viktorov. Before his ambassadorship, Viktorov served as a judge who found Solokov guilty of treason. Solokov was cursed as a punishment instead of the death penalty.

The ferry council in Trilinius had formed only ten years earlier. During this time, it was attempting to establish itself as a primary mediating influence to maintain the peace between multiple different countries. None had signed a treaty that would allow normalized relations unilaterally across numerous nations, with Trilinius being the central hub of these relations.

The ferry council took the assassination as an opportunity to insert itself in between the two countries and forced them both to a treaty table. They were able to keep the countries from going to war long enough for a proper investigation to take place. The allegations blaming the assassination attempt on the Veterzemlyan citizen, Yakov Solokov, turned out to be demonstrably true. Both countries considered this a tragedy. The council agreed Solokov's rogue actions were his own. The governing houses of the respective sovereign lands are not responsible.

Both countries came away from the negotiation tables with a very high opinion of the Fairy Council. The professionalism of the investigators and arbitrators impressed all involved. The three countries, Rikenvatten, Veterzemlya, and Trilinius, came up with a draft treaty to share with the world's nations. This first draft asked for representatives to be sent to Trilinius to hammer out a new treaty of shared diplomatic relations to prevent future wars.

In the year 16 CE, the 16 largest countries sent representatives to the island nation of Trilinius and authored the ambassadorial treaty of the Trilinian Fairy council.

The significant clauses agreed upon by the parties involved include the following.

  • All signatory countries will send ambassadors as representatives to be a part of the ferry council.
  • All signatory countries will accept fairy ambassadors within their governments to act as liaisons.
  • All signatory countries will receive ambassadors from all other signatory countries to form a local council that the Fairy Council representative will lead.
  • The local councils will serve as advisory boards to the regional regimes in international matters. These councils have no judicial, executive, or legislative powers unless granted explicitly by the reigning sovereign or native governmental bodies.
  • The Fairy Council will establish a network of magical rapid communications between the local and primary Fairy Councils.
  • All signatory countries will accept the new standardized Trilinian calendar to communicate and know when different events occur.
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