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Only the sons of the current sapa and his main wife are eligible to become the next sapa.


  • Be apart of the previous sapa's brood
  • Be birthed from the previous sapa's main wife
  • Be independently educated in the affairs of state
  • Outdo their brothers in tests of strength and endurance


Lifetime Trials

Throughout their lives, the Sapa's sons experience rigorous challenges that test the physical and moral aptitudes for the viewing public. The trials culminated in a complex spiritual ritual through which the Sun god nominates the one who should assume the position.
In practice, the favorite son is raised to co-governor with his father before his formal succession.


  • Promote the worship of the Sun God as their father
  • Organize the calendar
  • Organize food redistribution in times of environmental disaster
  • Allocate work via state-sponsored projects
  • Promote major state-sponsored religious feasts


  • Expand the network of dirt and rope roads that cross the entire empire
  • Supply and maintain the storehouses and tampos 
  • Found military colonies to expand the culture and control
  • Supreme commander of the military
  • Appoint inspectors to oversee the loyalty and efficiency of civil servants 
  • Collect tribute from the subjugated peoples
  • Appoint the Masters of Ten Thousand, Ten Hundred and Ten


  • Never wear the same clothes twice
  • Reverence after death
  • Can marry many women of noble blood
  • Travel in the King-Carrier

Accoutrements & Equipment

Dream Couch

Made from ever scare wood in a low recline construction, loaded with feather pillows and covered with a blanket made of the finest wool woven so tightly it had the feel of silk.

Feather Pike

Suntur páucar is a ceremonial and decorative standard used during the crowning of a new king.

Sapa Headpiece

Llawt'u is the emblem of his office. It is a turban woven from the wool of the vicuña with different-colored plaits.


The topayauri is a gold rod in the shape of an ax on one side whose blade ended in an awl, and on the other end shaped as a knife similar to a tumi. Lower-ranking authorities also used scepters of this type made from other metals such as silver or copper.  

Royal Insignia

A stripe of wool that ties around the head and hangs off the front with a fringe of gold and feathers from the mountain caracara. As the royal crown, only the sapa of Ca-Chisneu can wear this imperial symbol.
It is the physical expression of ultimate political power in the Empire.
It is a chaplet made of layers of many-coloured braids, a fringe of the finest red wool with red tassels fixed to gold tubes.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

When an emperor died or resigned, his successor is disinherited from his father's inheritance and made to conquer new land and spoils to bequeath to his own descendants.
Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
My Sapa
Alternative Naming
  • Aku
  • The One and Only
  • Innoit Qhapaq
Equates to
Source of Authority
Sun God
Length of Term
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