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Silver Silk


Material Characteristics

This is a lightweight sheer fabrics made using thin threads of spider silk spun into a loose knit resulting in a semi-transparent effect and allowing light to pass through. The material is almost invisible and bear to the touch.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Water and Silk by ANDRE PINHEIRO
Strength:Possesses an outstanding mechanical strength comparable to most metals.   Elasticity:Being naturally sticky, extremely stretchy and excellent toughness gives a comforting feel against inner side of clothes.   Toughness:The combination of strength and ductility grants a super toughness greater than regular fibre options.   Temperature Adaptability:Unlike other fibres, silver silk can hold its strength in the cold and hot environments.   Extensibility:Silks are extremely ductile, capable of stretching five times their relaxed length without breaking.

Origin & Source

Outside the Four Corners

Silver spiders are found in the canyon and caves of Grey Haven where they spin large amounts of webs between two sides of a gorge.
  They create giant webs that billow in the rushing winds to catch everything in its wake.

History & Usage



Once the raw silk is collected, it needs to be:
  1. Soaked and cooked in a hot lye or steam to remove the silk glue
    • This step also makes it shine and easier to dye
  2. Brushed with a thin bristled comb to eliminate the bad quality silk
  3. Looped through a wooden probe to which the silk strings can be bundled

Manufacturing & Products

Luxurious Clothing

Small squares of silk are used for waving, embroidery and sewing bandanas, sequins, strings and bands as personal identifiers and as additional linings under traditional clothing. The really rich can opt to pay for entire gowns, undergarments, jackets and vests dyed in immaculate colours to show ones place in society.  

Byproducts & Sideproducts

Matted Rope

Lesser quality silk with unremoved glue are transported in their twisted state to be turned into rope bridges that span wider than normal glups.

Medical Stitches

Pre-measured or discarded strands are used in suturing of incisional wounds from surgery or battle inflicted. Though they are ideal, they are not commonly available to lesser classes.


Trade & Market

It is thought that some sub-race of forest people venture to Haven to unwind silk from the gorge-hanging spider webs. They are traded through a network of back-and-forth caravans between the green tribes, then the many river folk settlements and then the various mountain clans.
By the time the silk makes it to the target markets in the east or north, it is prohibitively expensive. 
Alternate Names
Llipipipiq Q'aytu
Very Rare
Long strands of mostly protein
Related Locations

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