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Innoit (In-noid)

by hughpierre

Naming Traditions

Family names

Double Names

Many old families can be identified by the length of their last names. An innoit's family name is a combination from their parents' names; making it so that the children's names is slightly longer than their parents.


Culture and cultural heritage

Reciprocity and Cooperation (Ayni)

There is a moral code within the ayllu system for establishing harmonious relations between citizens and the empire.  
The laws of the empire were made in the spirit of coexistence and collective work. We are not unduly cruel, but depending on the seriousness of the offense, perpetrators can face sanctions, administrative penalties or bodily punishments.
Three Primordial Ordinances
Ama Sua
(do not steal)
Ama Llulla
(do not lie)
Ama Quella
(do not idle)
Great Importances
Ama map
(be faithful)
Love khelly
(be clean)
Ama opa
(be vivacious)
Love Llunkhu
(be worthy)
Ama sipiq
(be respectful)
Love maqlla
(be gentle)

Shared customary codes and values


Through mit'a the central government moved workers from different part of the empire to focus on the highest prioity tasks. This system works well and included task as:
  • Mining
  • Sowing
  • Construction

Average technological level


Assemblages of knotted strings are normally used to record numerical data, history and literature. However, knottery employs a binary language system that 'turn the natural energy' surrounding the environment to create unseen effects.

Common Dress code


Cloth is perhaps the most valuable thing the state owns. It clothes the people, is a marker of rank and token of Sapa appreciation.
Clothing is tightly regulated and people are issued outfits by their local government. Being caught wearing an article of clothing that is above ones' social standing is grounds for state execution.

Art & Architecture

Pillow-Faced Architecture

An innovation in construction where three-dimensional chunks of stone interconnect in unique configurations from loose bags of sand and gravel of varied sizes. These bags are made to conform to uneven surfaces and harden into plaster covered walls.

Funerary and Memorial customs


Members of influential families are meticulously preserved into mallqui and the corpse treated as if they were still living. They continue to be fed and dressed as if nothing had happened and are consulted in critical matters. The wealth they had in life are maintained by their panaca.

Common Myths and Legends

A tale of the first generation of innoit arrival into the Four Corners. It tells of innoit ancestors sent by the sungod, Inti, and who emerged from the cave Tambo Toco. And of the origins of the "three windows architecture".


Gender Ideals

.... men are descended from a line of men, and women from a line of women....


Men who can fulfill the labour tribute to the state while generating surplus for their family.


Women who can take on such tasks as childcare, cooking and especially weaving and agriculture are highly sought after.

Courtship Ideals


All natural couples have some input that is considered, and more often than not blessed, by the state. But it is not made official until the state appointed marriage maker officiates in a mass union ceremony.

Major organizations


The Realm of the Four Parts is the largest continuous empire since the Kang. The innoit conquered and adapted to the many diverse natural landscapes with terracing, highways, and mountaintop settlements. As well as absorbing the equally many ethic cultures who have existed independently in those parts for generations.

Stone Sliding
Tradition / Ritual | Jan 9, 2024
Tradition / Ritual | Jan 9, 2024

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