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Wooden Armies

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Simple Block Frame

Rectangular blocks, the size of a head, with a unit insignia carved on one face or painted in the colours of allies, enemies or barbarians.   Being easy to make and maintain, these can be widely found in poorer homes and military training schools.

Intricate Frame

Warrior figurines in battle poses, carrying their signature weapons and painted to their counterparts uniforms.   These are higher end gifts typical for noble children with military aspirations, but can be easily broken by tantrumatic children.


War Game

War games are intended as a test for potentials thinking about becoming battlefield commanders. It teaches how to read terrain, how to maintain the proper attitude during stressful times and how manage their resources. A singular block represents a unit of 500 men from any of the Innoit's polyglot armies. Distinctions are made in the colour schemes for famous unit figures:
  • Red and White for the imperial guard
  • Yellow and White for the home guard
  • Green for the honey people
  • Red and Black for Duskies
  • Pink and Grey for the Smog clans
  • Pale Blue and White for the coastal people
  • Yellow and Red for Nuna Runa
  • Pink and Blue for the Dhani
  • Deep Red for savages
Alternate Names
  • Block Armies
  • Unit Miniatures
Item type
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Raw materials & Components
  • Wood
  • Paint
  • Chisel

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Cover image: Inca Range by Martin Baker and Neil Burt


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