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Culture and cultural heritage


The fire religion of time is the only institutional remnant to survive from the Kang. It is a religious institution that promotes a miniimalist lifestyle to its addhearents. The duskies' most formable warriors are also trained under their multi-coloured flames.

Shared customary codes and values

Split Inheritance

Split inheritance dictates after a ruler's death, all of their wealth would be distributed to more distant relatives than to their actual heir and had to build his own palace.
Dusky elites are so rich, that they've left their own imprint on the land for as wide as the eye can see
— Conquering General of the West
Clusters of residential compounds have historically been occupied sequentially due to this practice, which is partly to blame for the class division that made their mainland annexation easier.

Average technological level


Dusky artisans work in metal workshops divided into specialized metal treatments: plating, gold, stamping, lost-wax, pearl, the watermark, and embossing wooden molds. Large-scale smelting takes place in a clusters of workshops in fashioning cups, knives, containers, figurines, bracelets, pins, and crowns.  


The steaming river is the main source of water for the duskies' valley. Huge hydraulic complexes and intensive agricultural techniques expanded their cultivatable areas. Smaller comunities built sunken farms, walk-in wells and cooling reservoirs to cultivate beans, sweet potato, papaya, cotton and rear llamas for meat.

Common Dress code

Cotton Fabric

Loincloth, sleeveless shirts with or without fringes, small ponchos, and tunics are made from the wool of four animals: the guanaco, llama, alpaca, and vicuna; as well as from cotton of many colours.

Art & Architecture


Dusky ceramics are small sculptures molded and shaped for ceremonial and daily use. Domestic pottery are without great finishings, though normally stained black. Lighter variations are also produced in smaller quantities that are obtained by rubbing them against polished rocks. Many animals, fruits, characters, and mystical entities are represented pictorially on these ceramics.  


The majority of the fabrics are made from alpaca wool and cotton; and further embellished with paint, doubles, brocades and embroidery. Dusky fibers are pre-spun in a uniform direction and given a degree of twist and thread colours to demark the family who made it.  


Whole shells, fragments, worked pieces and shell debris grounded to shell powder are valued and traded as ornaments, tools and food for their gods in water and fertility rituals.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Funerary Jars

Funeral ceramics show more aesthetic refinement than other pottery made for daily use. These jars are also all black and studded with precious metals in very detailed and intricate patterns and iconographies.

Common Taboos


Thirty years after the duskies' submission, much of their material wealth continues to be looted as the spoils of war. Art, treasures and skilled artists are stripped from their homeland; as well as shells to be turned into trumpets, cheap ceramic copies of many things, mullu shell jewelry, bags of stew spices, sardines as fertilizers and cotton bales for highland looms.

Common Myths and Legends

Girl Goddess

A creator's tale from the swingers in the north. It has penetrated deeply into the mental state of the forces belonging to Tullup'aki hiding in the Fall Wall.   The common soldier is able to find a sense of peace with the ambiguity of the world's creation in this story. So can then move on to more easily carry out their attacks on innoit collaborators.

Wars of Fire

These are stories of the many attempts Tawantinsuyu made to cross Fire Mountain and conquer dusky territory. Most tell of the utter devastation repeatedly inflicted on the innoit by small defenders of the passes.

Major organizations

Golden Flames

Exiles of xiuhtotontli sages who fled and found a new home in Gaioor; serving as elite watchmen and advisors to many kolarchs.

Crimson Flame

From the safety of the Elders, a government in exile continues to administer a formal war effort against innoit invaders.

Black Flames

Under the leadership of Tullup'aki, this guerilla faction conducts hit-and-run across the Ribs and operating from the Fall Wall.

White Flames

Dusky collaborators of held up in the old dusky capital as part of the Fourth Quandrant's capital and administrates.


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