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Smoggy Cloud Clan


Culture and cultural heritage

Coastal Culture

The smoggy clan originated from an area that was equal parts mountainous and coastal.   But being separated from the coast for several generations, the clan sought rivers, streams and lakes to subsitute for their old home.

Shared customary codes and values


From their multiple historical interactions with the many mountain communities as they were moving south, the smoggy cloud clan adopted and adapted many traditions. As such, they take part in may cross border organizations and freely embrace some iteration of many groups' ceremonies, that make up the empire.

Average technological level


As apart of their home culture, weaving consists of interlacing two sets of yarns at right angles to each other.   The yarns that run the length of the woven fabric are called warp yarns and the yarns that run across from side to side are called weft yarns.


A secret jargon that originated either from the knot languages or was developed independently from an earlier language, that is reliant on the sounds emiting from a surface by a passing stick.

Common Etiquette rules


Na-Chisalt, being founded from a people who have been heavily involved in surrender and migration, place great importance in diplomatic arbitration and minimal military institutions.

Common Dress code

Clothes are simple in style. Most are made using either cotton or wool; generally coloured in red, green, yellow, orange using earth pigments, plants, minerals, insects, and molluscs. Those from a higher status agument their dress with feathers and precious metal decorations in specific designs patterns to demark their clan and to heriald their distant heritage.   Innoit motifs are often produced for the state as a tax, as gifts in rituals and special ceremonies like as weddings, births, rites of passage, and burned as votive offerings to the gods.


The typical male attire was a loincloth and a simple tunic (unqo) made from a single sheet folded over and stitched at the sides with holes left for the arms and neck.


Women typically wore a single large cloth wrapped around the body which was pinned at the shoulder and held in place with a waist belt or sash called a chumpi.

Art & Architecture


A 40 foot rectangular tomb tower constructed from adobe for a noble persons or families. The tomb faces the rising sun and can be unadorned or have intricate carvings of lizards to represent life.

Funerary and Memorial customs


The dead are wrapped in multiple layers of fine textiles in a fetal position and left in burial chambers.

Common Myths and Legends

Stories of Separation

Era of Cloud Expansion
Disgraced and exiled clansmen were forced to emigrate to lands unknown to their people as a means of expanding cloud culture.  
Painted Plagues
Through some unknown and malevolent force, the governor sought to gain a kingdom of his own. And in answer, a deluge of diseases crossed over from the Cold Swamp and, one after another, laid waste to the administrative framework across the empire's cities, coastal colonies and the capital itself.
Cloud of Ash
Condition | Dec 12, 2020
Planting on the Hill
After several decades wandering, resettling and forced evictions; the mixed descendants of the exiled cloud clans eventually conjugated around a tall hill piled by fertile silt from the mountain river.


Beauty Ideals


Cloud people are most known for their wider palette of coloured irises that sometimes extend to the whites of their eyes.   Their smoggy kin possess much paler shades of yellow, green, purple, blue, gold, red, orange and any colour in between.


Cloud people are generally of a pale and ashy disposition than other groups of people with tinges of pink, blue, grey and yellowness thrown in intermittently.

Gender Ideals

Administration Skills

Many smoggy clansmen possess a natural aptitude for organization, administration, remaining calm and thinking clearly even in stressful situations. As a result, many find employment in fields of logistics and intellectual pursuits. Similar rise to deals in law and politics which are transferable to a mastery in espionage and administrative gift giving.

Courtship Ideals

Monogamous Marriage

Marriage is strictly monogamous. Even with innoit offers from the House of Women are no exception. Any clansman who actually accepts would need to leave their home for fear of reprisals.  
This came about partly through the circumstances of their ancestors initial exile and as paternity and inheritance became an issue.

Major organizations


A hill top settlement near the bend of the mountain river and an influential trading hub throughout the empire's tribute system.

Lost Home

Geographic Location | Oct 1, 2021
Ñuñu Hills
Geographic Location | Oct 9, 2021
Foggy Hills
Geographic Location | Oct 11, 2021

A scatterings of hills in-between Ñuñu and Yates where cultists populate isolated but well known pockets.

Geographic Location | Aug 20, 2020
Coral City
Geographic Location | Nov 29, 2020

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