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The Floodgate is a narrow strait that connects the Floodlands to the Pearl Sea and divides coral city and from the interior. Two spits of land extend from either side of the most extreme boundaries of Giantsfall and the Marshes.   The most southern of these peninsular-like land masses connect sharply to the Fall Wall and the gentle extension from the Pearl Cliffs and the Haunt from lands in Brine Marshes form the northern mass. Inbetween them is a strait that is a viable sea route during floods and a muddy passage during the dry season. The floodgates are also the site of one of the five upfalls; granting resilience against the forces of nature.   Every fifty years, when the first wave comes crashing; much of the force of impact is bled out of the surging waters due to the dissipating power behind the sudden upward motion. The floods still make it through, but the land is not pulverized as a result. In addition, the flood waters are able to retreat faster, up and over the floodgates in a continuous mass.

Fauna & Flora

Windrunner: A six-winged sea bird that ignores the seasonal changes and congregates in yearly migration to the Floodgates from lands unknown to the people.   Pearl Bank: The pearl bank doesn't look too impressive. They are most known for growing to great size and being thrown from the ocean's depths inland during the Floodland's semi-centennial flooding. Thought they can also be found at the foot of the shear cliff that drops the Brine Marshes into the sea.   Crystal Shrimp: A primitive crustacean whose body is divided into head, thorax, and abdomen. Its body is covered with a thin, flexible exoskeleton of pale crystal to which muscles are internally attached.   Head Crab: Six-appendage crustaceans with a soft leathery shell in place of a regular hard one. Their mouths are moved slightly lower in their chaises than what would be normal to better feed on slow moving bottom feeders.



Appearance-wise, the high rising continents of earth are carved into pillars of Keanians past: full bodied, wearing kilts, exposed chests and worn horns. There are four such massive sculptures; two facing out to the sea and the other facing towards Eeat. There may have been a time when each one held items in their hands, but those have long fallen away and eroded to dust after eons of pummeling waves.  

Flooded Route

Inbetween the guardians is a strait that is a viable sea route during floods and a muddy passage during the dry season.  

Haunted Gates

A hazardous route along the length of the Floodgates and is perpendicular to the Flooded Route. It can only be traversed by Coven Trains that take advantage of the upfall to carry heavy goods across great distances.

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Flood Route
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