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Coral City


It is questionable on if the coral city outside the floodgates is an actual City or a fabulous natural phenomenon. Most experts are inclined to the latter.
  As the name implies, it is a massive coral construct but in such a way that is reminiscent of different pathways of a large settlement.   Beneath the Pearl Sea, just outside of the floodgates, is a huge coral reef system composed of thousands of individual reefs and hundreds of islands and islets stretching from the floodgates to as far south as one can see. It is the world's biggest single structure of living organisms and home to a further diversity of life that include fish, insects and birds.  
One can imagine the vibrant and exotic life that must inhabit the corals when it is fully submerged.
  The coral structures themselves formed into such large tunnels and passageways, that when the flood water retreat and much of it is exposed to the surface. It looks to be a city meant for man; and so people have called the natural reefs: the Coral City.

Ecosystem Cycles

Changing Seasons

Dry Season
It is observed that the majority sits atop what would likely be a sunken island. Broken pieces of coral have piled into slopes of discolored shards, which gives a resemblance to obsidian.
Flood Season
Every 50 years, unfathomable tidal shifts coincide with the phases of the elder moon which brings forth massive tsunamis deep into the lower lands.    Waves consume the city in its entirety and the reef's sun baked crown buckles under the shifting weight and collapses to become the foundation of another fifty years' coral buildup.

Natural Resources

Coral: Those sourced from the coral city, coral is seasonally harvested for its use in jewelry, medicine, construction, decoration, as a food source and other research.   Seafood: As displayed during Floodland floods and salt storms, there are many marine produce to be found in the sea, but it is harder to get to it, than it to us.


Coral Camps

The camps are rudimentary sites at the base of Coral City or within a shady spacious interior called the Plaza. Those daring enough to venture out the seasonal camp report on long snaking depressions leading into and out of man sized courtrooms and courtyards.   It is only accessible by people when the flood waters retreat in their half century cycles. When it is visible, observers can classify five distinct tiers. The highest levels bear sun bleaching while the lower are more the expectant color of living coral. Shades of pinks, blues and greens; still being populated by air-breathing and air-tolerant sea life by the time explorers come around.
Alternative Name(s)
Coral Reef, Barrier
Location under
Owning Organization
Related Ethnicities
Cloud Country
Organization | May 17, 2021
Geographic Location | Oct 1, 2021
Geographic Location | Aug 20, 2020

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Cover image: Lost in coral maze by John Mengyu

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