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Mascaypacha (Mask-e-pay-ka)

by hughpierre
All checks are unassisted and are with a CHA, CON, INT or WIS check to succeed. On a success, check one square on the row of the table below. When you reach a certain number of successes, you unlock that power. The DCs start out high and are lowered as mastery grows.  
Power DC 24
DC 22
DC 20
Mind Read
DC 18
Improved Telepathy
DC 16
DC 14
Descriptions Training is 1 successful check per 1 day. This bar must be completed first before the others. Communicate telepathically at will with anyone wearing a duplicate within 60ft from you who knows any language. For 10 mins, concentrate on the surface thoughts of the other wearer.

Can be used by the number of proficiency bonus before needing a long rest to use again.
Create a 200ft radius link for up to 6 additional wearers. Outside 200ft of you, send 50 word messages among those connected telepathically. Invade a person's mind who anyone in your network can see within 60ft of them. The target must make a DC 8 (plus the number of abilities in use at the time) INT saving throw.

On a fail, the target is under your control for ten minutes and will offer answers honestly.
Successful Checks
The red fringe is a chaplet made of layers of many-coloured braid. It is the royal crown of the Emperor to all of Tahuantinsuyo.

Mechanics & Inner Workings


Criss-crossing knotts are tied behind the tassels and under the cap in a flexible mesh with square pores of certain sizes contouring to the wearing head. The mesh is synced to similar strings tied to red fringes worn by servants closer to the battlefield front.   The Sapa projects his thoughts through his forhead to stimulate the tassels via that intricate net. The fringes tied to the servants, inturn, impart the Sapa's thoughts onto their wearers.

Manufacturing process

Weaving the Cap

This element was designed exclusively for every emperor. The colours chosen for the fringe's cap is varied depending on the social stratum of the wearer. Under a short haircut, the cap can be coloured:
  • Yellow, in the case of the royal family
  • Purple, with the state's founding heros
  • Green, as in the ties to the people and ancestors
  • Black, for individuals with little title beforehand
It gets its common name from the latu. The garland of the finest red wool borders around the wear's head.
The single loose strings that make up the red tassels hang from the fringe fixed to gold tubes.
The rest of the head is decorated with gold threads and a tuft of two or three upright feathers from the sacred bird: mountain caracara.


Imperial Symbol

The Mascaypacha is the state insignia. It is the physical expression of ultimate political power wihin the empire.
  The red equates with conquest, rulership and blood, where each thread of its red tassel represents a conquered people.

Military Communication

It also serves as a knottery device worn around the bare heads of highly ranks officers to allow for instantaneous communication directly from sapa to distant units.   These officers wear similar devices slaved to the Sapa's crown to receive his orders and pass along to the accompanying commanders and generals.

Alternative Name
  • Mascaipacha
  • Red Fringe
  • Tassel Imperial
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
Related Technologies
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
One master fringe and several slave fringes
Raw materials & Components
  • Red Dye
  • Golden Thread
  • Vicuna Wool
  • Caracara Feathers

Cover image: Sapa Inca by Frank Abarca


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Great read! It is not only has an interesting look but I also liked the addition of new tassels for each conquest. The communication also makes this object pretty powerful as well.

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