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Cusp is the central peak of a crater complex that formed from the uplifting of material following a meteor impact. It is surrounded by a smooth, radar-dark floor giving the appearance of a dark halo that subdues the roughness of the steep and bright crater walls.   The pinnacle of cusp contains an array of four jagged mounds:
  1. The highest peak forms the ear of the jaguar of Ca-Chisneu.
  2. The second highest opens to the jaguar's mouth.
  3. The next peak is covered with the hind leg.
  4. The lowest peak is grasp by its front paw.


Open Cave System

An expansive chamber beneath Ca-Chisneu accessible to a wide low positioned step cliff. It is a twisting labyrinth of limestone caves measuring 7000 thatkiys deep and 25 ricras high. Most of the cave has been explored to date, but no one knows how far the cave system actually extends, as new caverns and recesses are continuously being discovered within the Cusp.


Millennium of Mud

This was a period of corner wide squalor with little to no recorded knowledge. 
  The first human to enter the enormous caves descended into its winding passages thousands of years ago. Eventually, the mud men tailored the damp cave environment as a place on Cusp to grow their food. Naturally occurring stalagmites offer the primary means of supporting the roof. When it rains, condensate and water trickle down their surfaces to collect in deeper cavities at its base.



Imperial architects, labourers, sankihuasi keepers, criminals and captured predators are occasionally sent into the Cusp's cave systems to either fulfill their state obligations or to be punished for offenses to the state.

Criminal Elements

Tragically, there is no shortage of dishonest merchants and thieves who sneak into the pit via unused and forgotten passageways to hide contraband.   This is also suspected that bodies are disposed of in this way as well. Powered by the wild ecology of escape animals from the Supaypa-Huasin.

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