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Sinqa Ñisqa (SINK-kah nyees-kah)

by hughpierre

Lord Sinqa Ñisqa (a.k.a. Prince of the Pit)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition


In his home life; Sinqa was a half-starved, scrawny thing. Scampering across yards and terraces for weeds, viscachas and cats to eat.
— local marriage maker
Yachay Wasi provided abundant food for its students. Even after admission, however, he had little taste for anything rich and contented himself to live on unsweetened porridge, quinoa bread and tea. In his later school life, he made a conscious effort to eat more meat, in part so that he'll be less self-conscious about his weight, but didn't take to it as well.

Mental characteristics


Yachay Wasi

A school for upper-class youth, royal children and particularly talented boys scouted outside of Ca-Chisneu to become the empire's future ruling class. Sinqa was allowed admittance after his talents were discovered by his friend's amauta tutor.   While there, he was able to cram such subjects as knottery, political science (albeit informally), zoology, mathematical philosophy, history, strategy and tactics. He also received basic martial training and devised a defensive style revolving around lightning quick reactions, with input from Wiruchu.


Pit Keeper

In an effort to improve his quality of life; Sinqa found part-time employment in the Sankihuasi as a nighttime animal handler, while attending classes in the day.   As a result, he also unraveled a number of the pit's mysteries that directly correlated to advantages in his personal life.


Upon graduation, Sinqa was offered a teaching position to continue his herbal research in a lab of his own. He remained at this post for 9 years where he continued to forge connections with both current and future leaders in the empire.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Secret Inca Gate by Paul Atreid

Inheritance Cult

In his penultimate year at the capital school, Sinqa had uncovered a scheme by a minor sect to steal the wealth of its affluent innoit members by convincing the family heads to redesignate the inheritors.   Coincidently, these would have been the inheritances of several of his classmates who were wroth, and panicked, when he delivered the scam to their attention; and offered a solution. Having gained enough social standing in the years prior, he was trusted to resolve it for them.   Which he did!   The cult was discredited and the funds siphoned away from its hardcore adherents through some financial trickery. This solidified his perception of being reliable and secured the kind of grateful support that would be leveraged for future endeavours.

Mental Trauma

Childhood Abuse

His childhood was marked by significant hardship and poverty. The scent of alcohol also permeated the house, leading Sinqa to have a lifelong revulsion to the drink. Oftentimes feeling physically sick when presented with it.   His mother was from a banished and disgraced mountain clan who neglected Sinqa; while his bitter father lorded over them both. Their troubled marriage led a young Sinqa to seek any excuse to leave their home at the earliest and return for the latest possible time in the day to avoid them both.

Intellectual Characteristics

Intense Obsessions

Sinqa's intelligence is a key aspect of his character. He excelled academically, is exceptionally observant and quick-witted, skilled at interpreting information and making connections, and anticipating his enemy's moves.
It wasn't until midway through school that I realized that I knew everything.
— Sinqa's private musings

Morality & Philosophy

People Over Principles

When he entered school, he was exposed to many different ideologies with their own cons and merits. But Sinqa has never concerned himself with abstract motivations; preferring personal interactions to decide on his actions. Valuing people over ideas led to many others having ambiguous views on Sinqa. He may appear to commit to morally dubious plans at one moment and confusingly upright at the next.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Jamanq'ay Yura Rikch'aq

A mixed Dhani/Coastal beauty of a non-noble lineage but still taken as a chosen child at age 11. She would be the only other companion from home to travel with Sinqa to the capital.

Kuba Sañu Kamayuq

A high ranking noble son gifted with natural looks and athleticism. Throughout their school, Kuba would be somewhat of a bully to less privileged kids.

Vices & Personality flaws


It is difficult for Sinqa to let go of old grudges. His past experiences of being personally mistreated drives him, especially as a young adult, to fervently pursue his vendettas.


At least in his early years, Sinqa was constantly getting dirty from being outside so often. Due to his naturally oily hair and excessive exposure, dirt was able to culminate in his scalp that made it swell into a gross appearance.   Hence, he always tried to keep as clean as possible at all times. This became easier upon settling in the capital; learning to use soaps and herbal shampoos daily.



Executive Council

In time, Sinqa would become one of the leaders of the third most powerful panaka in the empire. He would act as their political and financial steward for a decade and a half before embarking on an indefinite mission south. Though its nature is never publicly disclosed nor is his location.

Social Aptitude


Sinqa Ñisqa's childhood likely contributed to his aloof and guarded demeanor which makes it difficult for others to empathize with him. As he grew older, his sense of social isolation lessened enough to gain a few close-knit friends. Sinqa quietly disbelieves in the gods, but still participates in the monthly religious festivals without resistance for their sake; limiting himself to sipping at 1 cup of chicha throughout the day as opposed to getting drunk in truth.

Hobbies & Pets

Upside-Down Ghost

In his 12th year, an entity called Wiruchu presented itself in Sinqa's dream as an older version of Sinqa.
In the privacy of their collective mind, Wiruchu always converses with Sinqa while appearing to hang from an illusionary ceiling leading for both to project their voices upwards.
Sinqa has aimed to keep Wiruchu's existence a secret for fear of his sanity and his reputation. However, he eventually told one Mariyawan Muchʼaykusqayki who had dubbed him "the Professor" and encouraged cooperation between them.
10Can see Wiruchu
15Gain multiple personality powers
20Prevent others from controlling Sinqa
30Use Wiruchu's insight to gain information on a particular subject like personal history, legends and theories
Wiruchu's true origins remain a bit obscure. There were, and are, many a times where his contradictory nature would confound Sinqa. He has notice on his own that:
  1. He says he is Sinqa as an adult bearing knowledge of the future
  2. He manifests as a child's imaginary friend would
  3. He can influence the world through Sinqa by co-opting or manipulating his decision process
0. Everyday Assistance
Wiruchu is ever present and very vested in Sinqa's continued survival; as it assures his own. To aid Sinqa, Wiruchu empowers him during certain situations and liberally gave sage advice in the midst of childhood uncertainty.
  • At level 3: DC INT rises by +1
  • At level 5: When resisting an enchantment through a successful saving throw, or immunity, you may reflect the effect back at the caster with the same DC by taking 1 point of WIS damage.
  • At level 6: DC INT rises by +2
  • At level 7: A 30ft radius of mental noise that disrupts enemy concentration for things requiring CHA or DC checks greater than 10, represented by a prior DC (½ level) check. Allies also gain +2 on saving throws.
  • At level 9: Protected against mind reading effects and DC INT rises by +3
  • At level 10: Can use two abilities in 1 round
  •   1. Courageous
  • Immune to fear
  • Gain a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls against enemies for every size category they are larger than you, to a max of your level number
  • At level 10, when you drop below -10, or otherwise die, you may make a DC (excess damage) FORT save. On a success, you may continue to fight until you fail a fortitude save or your body is destroyed.
  • 2. Depressed
  • 10ft radius -2 penalty on enemy saving throws
  • At level 10, improves to -4 penalty
  • 3. Disbeliever
  • Gains ½ your level as a bonus to saves against mental effects
  • At level 10, you can see in through illusions and darkness up to 120ft, similar to Misk'i Unquy
  • 4. Faithful
  • Adds CHA bonus (if any) to the attack roll and deal 1 extra point of damage per level at (1+CHA) times per day
  • At level 10, add CHA modifier to saving throws
  • 5. Foolish
  • Opponents with at least 3 INT, must make a DC 10 + ½ level + CHA save or take a -1 penalty to all skills, attack rolls and saving throws for 1 minute. At level 3, 6 and 9 this becomes -2, -3 and -4 respectively.
  • At level 10, enemy's fumble range increases to 1 - 3
  • 6. Logical
  • At level 1, 3, 6 and 9 gain a +1, +2, +3 and +4 respectively, insight bonus to either armour or attack.
  • At level 10, all your weapon bypass damage reduction
  • 7. Optimist
  • At level 1, 4 and 8; gain a +1, +2 and +4 respectively in bonuses
  • Temporary max ranks in all perform skills and +3 to all social/CHA checks
  • At level 10, double any bonus effects
  • 8. Paranoid
  • Gain ½ your level as a bonus to Spot, Search, and Listen checks
  • At level 1, 3, 6 and 9; gain +1, +2, +3 and +4 respectively in dodge bonuses
  • At level 10, take no damage when succeeding a DEX saving throw
  • 9. Pessimist
  • At level 10, heal twice as fast
  • 10. Power
  • At level 4, within 1 minute, instead of rolling dice to determine damage, use the highest value.
  • At level 8, max hp is doubled and range increases by 5ft.
  • 11. Prideful
    Gain a 'pool' of points equal to your level to spend 1:1 on these abilities:
    • At level 1, you may re-roll natural 1s on your skill checks.
    • At level 3, you may re-roll natural 1s on your saving throws.
    • At level 5, you may re-roll natural 1s on your attack rolls.
    • At level 7, you may re-roll any skill check, natural 1 or not.
    • At level 9, you may re-roll any saving throw, natural 1 or not.
    • At level 10, you may re-roll any attack roll, natural 1 or not.
    12. Saintly
  • At level 10, allies within 10ft are healed for 1 point every round
  • 13. Slasher
    Sneak Attack stack:
    • At level 1, d6 damage
    • At level 3, 2d6 damage
    • At level 5, 3d6 damage
    • At level 7, 4d6 damage
    • At level 9, 5d6 damage
    • At level 10, can hide in plain sight
    14. Suave
  • Gain ½ your level as a bonus on all social skills against you
  • Add CHA to AC
  • At level 5, if desirable, add CHA bonus to attack rolls in place of STR or DEX
  • At level 10, CHA applies to damage rolls
  • 15. Subtle
  • At level 10, people must make a DC (½ your level+1) spot check against you even if you walked into the room
  • 16. Thinker
  • Add ½ your levels to all INT based skill checks.
  • Can make all Knowledge checks untrained
  • Can infer properties of poisons
  • At level 10, you can ask the GM any question who then rolls a d% for a premonition:
    • >90%: Probably good result(s)
    • ≤90%: Bad result(s)
    • ≥75% Neutral result(s)
    • <75%: Nothing
  • 17. Wrathful
    Can be activated CON modifier times a day (min 1)
  • Gain +2 STR, +2 CON, +1 CHA saves and -2 AC.
  • At level 4, this becomes to +4 STR, +4 CON, +3 CHA saves and -2 AC.
  • At level 8, this becomes +6 STR, +6 CON, +3 CHA saves, and -2 AC.
  • At level 10, gain a +8 STR boost for 1 round
  •   In rare instances, Wiruchu might take temporary control over Sinqa's body and enforce his own will through one of 17 personality traits that grant their own boon. At level 1, 4 and 8; changing between them becomes a standard, move and swift action respectively.   GM Note: It is possible to use all the options throughout a game or restrict it between 3-5 to create a custom experience.


    Sinqa Ñisqa possesses a smooth and precise way of speaking; rarely using casual language, even among friends.   Especially during moments of anger, he maintains a controlled and composed speech, so as to instilled feelings of authority onto his peers.

    Current Status
    On an extended mission
    Current Location
    Other Ethnicities/Cultures
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Prefect
  • Camayoc
  • Agent of Machacuay
  • Professor
  • Dark Dart
  • Age
    Circumstances of Birth
    Child of a predicted marriage
    Current Residence
    Dark Brown
    Black Ponytail
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Pale Brown
    5' 11"
    8 Stones
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations
    Known Languages
  • Quipu Recording System
  • Runasimi
  • Character Prototype
    8 (-1)10 (+4)12 (+1)15 (+2)14 (+1)14 (+3)
    Armour Class: 10
    HP: 25 ( 12d6 )
    Speed: 30 ft.
    Saving Throws: INT +10, WIS +7
    Skills: Intimidation +8, History +10, Insight +1, Performance +2, Deception +12
    Proficiency Bonus: +6
    Settlement | Dec 8, 2022

    Character Portrait image: Placeholder Man by Annie Stein


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