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Web Step

by hughpierre


Once upon a time, in the heart of the Silver mountains, there lived a curious Dhani named Kusi. She was known for her adventurous spirit and keen interest in exploring the ancient ruins that dotted the landscape. One day, while wandering, she stumbled upon a peculiar-looking rock that seemed to shimmer in the sunlight.   Intrigued, she approached the glowing rock, and as she drew closer, a small entrance appeared before her. Curiosity overcoming caution, Kusi bravely stepped inside. To her astonishment, she found herself surrounded by a realm of mystical beauty and enchanting glowing flowers that hummed melodious tunes.   However, once she emerged, she realized the land had shifted around her. It was no longer the familiar mountains she knew. Confused and bewildered, Kusi quickly realized that she had found herself in the distant past, surrounded by the ancient civilization at the height of its glory.   As much as she marveled, she yearned to return to her own time. With courage and determination, Kusi navigated the challenges and found the way back to her present. Once returned, Kusi shared her incredible journey with her people, weaving tales of magic and rainbows hidden from the world.
— Timeless Passage

Historical Basis

The titular web refers to the complex interwoven interplay between incredibly dense areas of ceque lines in the mountains.  


Time and Space

Temporal and spatial concepts are deeply intertwined with religious and astronomical beliefs. They perceived time as a cyclical concept, with recurring patterns and cycles governing the universe's events.   The sun, moon, and stars play crucial roles in their calendar and religious practices, guiding agricultural activities and harmonious rituals perceivable between the physical and metaphysical worlds.

Variations & Mutation


Blame is sometimes attributed to the web when individuals vanish without a trace.


The second most common iteration is of instant transplacement somewhere else in the Four Corners, without also moving through time.


Strange creatures can appear in the most random places that disrupt local ecosystems.

In Art


Many mountain cultures design elaborate entryways to important places with colorful motifs in tribute to local stories:
  • Amaru Muru Gate
  • Three Windows of the Innoit
  • Fairy House's Main Chamber
  • The Well at the Temple under the Sea
  • Stone Archways in the Neverending Forest
  • Kang Graves
  • Many Heights of Messas
  • Gates To Hell
  • Peaks of Hananhallpa
  • Grounds under the Dhani Lines

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    Aug 7, 2023 03:11 by Deleyna Marr

    I most love how you wove the story into something that then influences the other areas of your world. This feels like a myth that is actively influencing your world and that it ties into an underlying reality. Beautifully done.

    Aug 7, 2023 22:36

    I'm glad you found the interconnectedness as an interesting concept and as a way to include a common-enough theme across different cultures.