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Neverending Forest

by hughpierre


A vast oblong forest that borders the Second and Third Quadrant respectively. Though its true boundaries remain unknown. Entry is generally restricted for Tawantinsuyu citizens, as the native savages in the area are incredibly hostile.   Fertile soil extends down to a depth of about 2000ft that nurtures the towering pine and oak trees that grow at an astonishing rate. A bewildering array of plant life, not found anywhere else, propagate throughout the forest. Adding to the enchantment; a myriad of unknown multispecies moss blanket the trees, further adding to its mystique and making for a breathtaking sight. In contrast, there is a shocking lack of insects and fungi for a region of its size.


Forbidden Zone

People and things tend to disappear the deeper into the forest one goes. Even to those who live in it year round, and there is no shortage of stories that explain how.  
Savages tell of a scar simmering through the canopy. An unpassable spot, far into the forest. It acts as the greatest epicenter of quakes that radiates everywhere, save for the outer edges of the never-ending forest.
Qillqana Isku recounting her joy in witnessing unusual colours hovering in the air

Ecosystem Cycles

Seismic Events

Earthquakes shake the soil, sway trees and cause fissures to open. Unnatural faultlines defy conventional geologic patterns as the forest floor may swell and bulge and present a tedious terrain to those within.   Unpredictable pulsating waves leave ripples throughout the mud and clay, disturbing flora and fauna, and whose seismic peaks and troughs remain preserved like a soft pseudo-fossil stretching for leagues in every direction.   Deep underground, rumbling echos warn of hidden cavities where sinkholes can suddenly swallow whole trees, structures and unsuspecting peoples. There are such unexplained epicenters that make it challenging to learn of their true nature. In some instances, tremors synchronize with other occurrences, intensifying their effects and unleashing catastrophic consequences and great sorrow.  
To those seeking answers, these seismic features create a sense of perpetual urgency. The very ground beneath one's feet is an unprecedented force.
— a camayoc reporting on the potential powers at work to Sinqa Ñisqa of Machacuay

Localized Phenomena

A number of remarkable anomalies have been said to occur inside:
  • The trees, even the very earth itself, move to confuse anyone who attempts to enter and make escape almost impossible.
  • Plants take on uncommon features; appearing unusually straight or bearing carved cavities within them; some resembling words, the further one travels from the periphery.
  • Vaguely familiar animals, like big cats and pet birds, carry mutations that are strange to any other outside the forest and make for one-of-a-kind clothes.  
  • Those who managed to return from the forest's deeper parts carry a wide array of mental instabilities including depression, hallucinations and strange feelings of nostalgia.
    Nemequene comparing the phenomenon with the indulgent effects of wild honey in apparent anger


    Tropical Heat

    Explorers on foot speak of a continuous foggy darkness cast from the canopy overhead. A swampy humidity permeates the area that gets worse the closer to the forbidden zone one gets- feeling as though in a searing soup - that effects their minds.
    Upon approach to the Forbidden Zone
    1d12 Emotionalities Effect
    1 Paranoid
  • Cannot be surprised in combat
  • Advantage against being charmed
  • Disadvantage on saving throws against being frightened
  • 2 Impatient
  • After an ally rolls a skill check but before the result is determined, you can choose to roll to make the skill check instead, taking the result of your skill check instead.
  • Roll initiative with advantage
  • 3 Smug
  • Enemies have disadvantage on attempts to intimidate or persuade you.
  • 4 Skeptical
  • Advantage on Perception checks to discern illusions
  • Advantage on Insight checks.
  • 5 Contemplative
  • Subtract 1d4 when rolling STR, DEX or CON based ability checks
  • Add 1d4 when rolling INT, WIS or CHA based ability checks.
  • 6 Defensive
  • Enemies have disadvantage on Insight checks against you
  • Advantage on Deception checks to withhold information about yourself and things you care about.
  • 7 Tempermental
  • Gain advantage on athletics checks
  • Immune to being prone
  • Every separate time you take damage, roll a DC 10 WIS saving throw or take half damage. On a fail, gain the benefits of Barbarian rage until the end of your next turn. This can be willingly failed.
  • 8 Indifferent
  • Enemies have disadvantage on CHA checks against you and vice versa
  • Advantage on saving throws against being frightened
  • 9 Jealous
  • Advantage on Sleight of Hand checks and Investigation checks to search for valuable items
  • advantage on CHA (Deception) checks
  • Disadvantage on WIS (Insight) checks
  • 10 Melancholy
  • Advantage on saving throws against being charmed
  • 11 Overwhelmed
  • Subtract 1d4 when rolling INT, WIS or CHA based ability checks
  • Add 1d4 when you roll STR, DEX or CON based ability checks
  • 12 Quixotic
  • Advantage on saving throws against being frightened
  • Advantage on initiative rolls, but the first attack roll against you is rolled with advantage
  •   When a PC uses their emotional boon, they roll on the table again. If it is the same result, they take 1d4 mental damage. If it is different, then they can choose to switch.

    Fauna & Flora


    An species of gigantic terrestrial tortoise with a thin segmented shell who eat all manner of plants.  


    A six-winged migratory bird who crosses over the forest between the cold highlands and the coastal keys.  

    Humming Snake:

    All fear this flying snake with flaps of scaly skin it spreads as small wings.  

    Tree Octopi:

    Arboreal cephalopods that play, sleep and fight in the trees.



    Dagger Trees, Grand Pillars, Wolly Pine and Hatin lumber are valuables sold at bargain by the different missions who work the forest.   There is an abundance of labourers who hope to earn a living extracting timber for one or many tours; sometimes with their love ones accompanying them to Karafort.   Most start out lacking real courage and can only feel relief when they leave. Nonetheless, a notable few have made a successful career in journeying through the shifting forest and bringing back valuable souvenirs that no one else knows.

    Alternative Name(s)
    Great Green
    Forest, Boreal (Coniferous)
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