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by hughpierre
Camay is the fundamental essence that energizes existing matter into changing.  
Blowing Lashes
Tradition / Ritual | Jan 9, 2024
Materials like stone and string are alive to a certain extent. The amount of camay is reflective of how sacred an item ought to be.   It is the essence of a moment, a people or a place. It clings over a body; the same as steam over a lake and can be caught and sent adrift on the winds.
— Tocoyricoc Tupac of the Second Quadrant


Camay is an invisible, ungraspable element. Akin to the Nuna Runa's description of the soul in soul sculpting, if less malleable.   People naturally make it within themselves. It is thought to 'evaporate' into the sky once it reaches the outer skin like a column of smoke. Steady and constant.   Excesses can accumulate on the skin's surface. It can be felt on the along the persons' legs, under their neck or over their eyes and forehead, when walking for long stretches. If there is no natural wind, camacs find relief by quickly and lightly blowing on the area themselves.   A great deal of gentleness is required to manipulate camay. A set of martial movements that mimic water had evolved from as far back as Nuna Ruruchina to where warrior camayers would fight against the old powers.



The camayer is the one capable of using their camay to change their surroundings.
Profession | Mar 21, 2024


The tangible instantiation (an artificial or natural formation) that is the camayer's focus.
Item | Aug 27, 2023


These are camascas specifically used to embody power of the Sapa.
Dream Couch
Item | Jul 17, 2021
Running water is a vitalizing life force that can empower inanimate objects.
Breath Holder practicing in Diu
  While camay is everywhere, it can only be used in a specific way under certain circumstances. The most common use is as weapons of war:
  1. Elemental whips will convert universal camay into some weathering force like wind, fire or water
  2. Knotted devices that simulate the devastation of a mace or sword with the lightness of rope
  3. Communication strings tied around the head for instant communication



Huacas are spots of religious significance arranged along the siq'i highways.   They dictate the path of the siq'i line, and hence the road. They are constructed as straight as can be and are normally segmented such that the paths frequently curve or zigzag to show precisely where knottery will work.   There can be 3 to 13, or more, huacas per siq'i line.
Some huacas are natural features like springs, boulders, or caves; while others are man-made features like buildings, fountains, or canals.
The only exception is metal. Metal has to be physically worked into something sacred.
— Goldworker from Kamachina
Interactions with camay can only be made in areas strongly affiliated with the Siq'i Lines. Ceque lines mark where the divine winds intersect with the terrain and thus where knottery devices are able to turn camay and produce their magical effects.

Metaphysical, Arcane

Camay is also the name of the second month dedicated to penances and fasts of the Innoit.

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