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Hananhallpa (Ha-nan-hall-pah)

by hughpierre


A high altitude range in the Third Quadrant that is more or less ignored by the Red Fringe for the little resources and difficultly in travelling there.


Hananhallpa rests in the rain shadow of its larger neighbour ranges and does not receive a lot of rain. While it possess an impressive range of geographical diversity, two-thirds of it is under water-parched conditions.

Localized Phenomena

Hananhallpa experiences three distinct weather patterns layered over each other. The dividing line between the climates is uncertain but can be indicted by elevation.  

Vegetation Region

The moisturizing effect blowing from the Green's Rivers at the foot of the mountain range induces a humid subtropical environment at its lowest elevation.  

Desert Region

A majority plateau with low average temperatures caused by cold currents. There is sparse and stunted vegetation and where most of the precipitation comes in the form of snow during late winter and spring months.  

Glacial Region

The topmost plateau containing intersecting and joining glaciers on all sides with some ebbing and flowing solitarily with the rapid changes in the mountain weather patterns. it is the perfect breeding ground for new glaciers.

Fauna & Flora

Bihorn: A two horned creature with a reddish-brown coat that covers most of it's body. The larger nasal horn, is the size of a baby's arm, while the other horn is typically a stub. They mostly live a solitary existence in Giantsfall except for when they migrate to the rocky deserts for courtship and offspring-rearing.

Natural Resources

Glacial Lakes: Bodies of water from when glacial melt filled in a depression under, beside or in front of an icy glacier.

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