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Sling or String
— innoit saying dividing the military and civil elements in the government


The origins of knottery are not known for a certainty. But its first application is thought to be in tying fibers into sharpe axes, heavy maces or elemental whips.   Ropes of material heavy armour can be prefabricated for valuable warriors and crowns of fringes are tied around the head for captains and commanders to communicate directly. Mind to mind.


Innoit knot tying expanded knottery's utility into creating river spaning nests that filter the water of impurities, reinforced cables for ever longer bridge building and as specialty features for public and private homes.



Animal Fibres
Animal fibers are plied with thread from wool or hair from alpaca, llama, guanaco or vicuña. They are resistent to shear forces when spun into knottery knots and are used in person devices.
Plant Fibres
Plant matter; in the forms of found vines, cotton, grass or bark, are resistent to tensile forces and are used in bridges to span great chasms.
  With either material, it is generally the thinner fibre, the better the natural energy can hop onto the knots to carry out the effect. Therefore, it becomes a balancing act between making the knots thin enough to induce the magical effect but still sturdy enough to maintain the structural integrity of the whole device.

Social Impact

Higher Class

The clearest day-to-day exploitation are the knot charms worn by aristocrats to grant some unseeable power when interacting with their peers or the general masses.
  1. A coil of grasses wrapped around an ear can improve one's hearing from across a room
  2. A hempen pendent drapped over the shoulders can protect against bruising
  3. A sling tied across the forehead can read minds

Children Technologies
Access & Availability
Anyone can theoretically tie a knot made from animal hair of any thickness, provided they have the proper education to do so while under the synchronic lines.
The different binary knot configurations and number of crossings outline the path the energy will be forced to make for a particular effect that will only manifest on the Qhapaq Ñan.
Much military advances have come about after studying Kang graves.
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