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Elemental Whips

Level Attack Bonus
1 +1 - +2 -
  • Basic Training
  • Precise Strike
  • 2 +2 - +3 -
  • Whip Mastery
  • Lash Talent
  • Serpent Strikes + 1d6
  • 3 +3 +1 +3 +1
  • Whip Excellence
  • 4 +4 +1 +4 +1
  • Whip Trick
  • Lash Talent
  • Whip Excellence (+1)
  • 5 +5 +1 +4 +1
  • Greater Whip Mastery
  • Evasion
  • Serpent Strikes + 2d6
  • 6 +6/+1 +2 +5 +2
  • Lash Talent
  • 7 +7/+2 +2 +5 +2
  • Whip Trick
  • 8 +8/+3 +2 +6 +2
  • Lash Talent
  • Serpent Strikes + 3d6
  • Whip Excellence (+2)
  • 9 +9/+4 +3 +6 +3
  • Improved Evasion
  • 10 +10/+5 +3 +7 +3
  • Lash Talent
  • Whip Trick
  • 11 +11/+6/+1 +3 +7 +3
  • Serpent Strikes + 4d6
  • 12 +12/+7/+2 +4 +8 +4
  • Lash Talent
  • Whip Excellence (+3)
  • 13 +13/+8/+3 +4 +8 +4
  • Whip Trick
  • 14 +14/+9/+4 +4 +9 +4
  • Lash Talent
  • Serpent Strikes + 5d6
  • 15 +15/+10/+5 +5 +9 +5
  • Whip Excellence (+4)
  • 16 +16/+11/+6/+1 +5 +10 +5
  • Lash Talent
  • Whip Trick
  • 17 +17/+12/+7/+2 +5 +10 +5
  • Serpent Strikes + 6d6
  • 18 +18/+13/+8/+3 +6 +11 +6
  • Lash Talent
  • 19 +19/+14/+9/+4 +6 +11 +6
  • Whip Trick
  • Whip Excellence (+5)
  • 20 +20/+15/+10/+5 +6 +12 +6
  • Serpent Strikes + 7d6
  • Mechanics & Inner Workings

    Parts of the Whip

    Thong: The entire flexible leather braided section of any whip. It is firm, with an even taper.   Butt Knot: A decorative knob, usually finished with an attractive turkshead knot held in the palm when cracking. Depending on the whip, this knob will be covering a leather or lead core that helps distribute the weight of the whip.   Handle: The extra leverage on a whip that makes it easier to crack. Within reason, the longer the handle, the better the leverage for cracking. The more flexible the handle section, the more compact and easier it is to use in confined areas. If it is too flexible, then the user must use their arm and wrist more to create extra leverage.   Wrist Loop: An optional part to fit over the wrist for security. It serves to hang the whip from to store or hang for cleaning or conditioning.   Fall Hitch: This is the end of the thong, where the fall is attached. One or more loose strands in this section means that the energy of the whip will falter in that area and has a better chance of breaking a strand there.   Fall: The fall is most often made from a thick and durable strip of beveled and rounded animal hide. Though not as easy as poppers, falls are fairly easily replaceable even by a non-professionals. It must be maintained by coating it with wax after every few practice sessions. Or whenever it is becomes excessively fuzzy.   Popper: This is an easily replaceable portion of the whip because it is that part that takes the most abuse. It is there as a sacrificial piece that protects the end of the fall, which would fray in its place. Poppers are much easier and cheaper to replace than falls.   Keeper: The hinge between the thong and the handle. In addition to the longer handle, this is another feature that makes it easier for fast and fancy routines.   Ring: A decorative turkshead knot that serves no other real purpose beyond marking the point of transition between the handle and the thong. For this, it is most often called a transition knot.

    Manufacturing process


    Fibers taken from alpacas, llamas, guanacos or vicuñas are spun into thin strands.
    It is a balancing act between making the knots thin enough to induce the magical effect, but still sturdy enough to maintain the structural integrity of the whole device.
    1. Start with a steel handle spike and secure a tapered, solid leather core around it.
      • If needed, add just a touch of lead shot to the butt of the whip to perfect the balance and then tie the decorative turkshead knot over that knot foundation
    2. Then braid the first belly, secure a bolster around it, and braid the second belly.
      • this helps to strengthen the transition from handle to thong
      • Each step is expertly cut and beveled by hand, greased with special braiding soap and painstakingly braided with the utmost attention to detail
    3. Tightly wrap the second bolster above and below the transition zone with sinew to further reinforce the handle into the thong transition.
      • roll each whip to better smooth, compact and round every layer to provide the best whip handling experience
    4. The final layer is then braided tightly overlay around all the layers of the core; including the second bolster.
      • the finished whip receives a coat of natural shellac and a few test cracks to assure performance


    Motor/Physical Techniques

    Precise Strike: Add the whip levels as additional damage to the damage roll.
    Whip Mastery: No longer provoke attacks of opportunity when attacking with a whip.
    • Can begin dealing damage with a whip inspite of (natural) armour bonuses.

    Lash Talents: Unless otherwise specified, you cannot select an individual talent more than once:
    1. Churn: Add half the class level to any disarm or sunder maneuver checks made against your whip.
    2. Fine Control: Can manipulate an unattended object up to 15 feet away as if adjacent to it in a single move action using only one hand.
    3. Flay: On a critical hit, the target suffers a bleed effect.
      • At the start of their turns, the target takes 1 additional point of damage each round for every 2 levels of the Whip Master bonus.
      • Bleeding can be stopped by a DC 15 WIS check or anything that heals hp damage.
      • Bleeding damage from this ability does not stack with itself.
      • Bleeding damage bypasses any damage reduction the target might possess.
    4. Snatch: Gains a bonus to disarm maneuvers made with a whip equal to 1/3 your level.
      • If successful, you can pull the disarmed object into your space.
      • If you have a free hand, you can grab it; otherwise it falls at your feet.
    5. Sting: Make a melee touch attack against the target.
      • If successful, the target must make a Fortitude save
        (DC 10 + the your DEX modifier + 1/2 your level + any whip bonus + target's armour or natural armour bonus (whichever is higher))
      • On a fail, the target drops any object they are holding and provokes attacks of opportunity from anyone threatening them, including you.
    6. Swing Line: Can lash the end of her whip to any appropriate anchor point within range.
      • As part of a move action, they can then move up to 15 feet from their starting point as part of normal movement without requiring Acrobatics or Climb checks, moving at full speed even up a wall, over a chasm, or across difficult terrain.
      • Can also attach the whip to a point next to them, bungee down and detach from its anchor point as a free action.
    7. Whip Mastery: Provided you meet all a feat's prerequisites, except if Power Attack is required, can choose one of the following multiple times for different feats:
      • Combat Expertise (CE): Requires INT 13. Can choose to take a –1 penalty on melee attack rolls and combat maneuver checks to gain a +1 DEX bonus to your AC. When your base attack bonus reaches +4, and every +4 thereafter, the penalty increases by –1 and the DEX bonus increases by +1.
      • Dazzling Display (DD): Make an CHA check to frighten foes within 30 feet who can see your display.
      • Improved Disarm (ID): Requires CE. +2 bonus on checks to disarm. Also receive a +2 bonus to your Combat Maneuver Defense whenever an opponent tries to disarm you.
      • Greater Disarm (GD): Requires CE & ID. +2 bonus on checks to disarm an opponent where the weapon lands 15 feet away from its previous wielder, in a random direction. This stacks with the ID bonus.
      • Improved Feint (IF): Requires CE. Make a DC 10 CHA check to feint.
      • Greater Feint (GF): Requires CE & IF. An opponent you feint loses its DEX bonus against your next attack.
      • Improved Trip (IT): Requires CE. +2 bonus to trip a foe. +2 bonus to your Combat Maneuver Defense whenever an opponent tries to trip you.
      • Greater Trip (GT): Requires CE & IT. +2 bonus to trip a foe that stacks with the IT bonus. On a success, that opponent provokes attacks of opportunity.
      • Improved Sunder (IS): Requires STR 13 & PA. Gain +4 bonus on any attack roll made to attack an object held or carried by another character.
      • Intimidating Prowess (IP): Add STR modifier to Intimidate checks in addition to your CHA modifier.
      • Shatter Defenses (SD): Requires Frightened Target. Deal melee damage and the target can't reduce its frightened value below 1 until the start of your next turn.
      • Weapon Finesse (WF): Use the DEX modifier instead of the STR modifier on attack rolls. If you carry a shield, its armour check penalty applies to your attack rolls.
      • Whirlwind Attack (WA): Requires CE & DEX 13. Make one melee attack at full base attack bonus against every opponent within 5 feet. Forfeit any bonus or extra attacks granted by other feats or abilities.

    Serpent Strikes: An additional strike during an attack whenever the opponent is denied their DEX bonuses to an armour class or during flanking.
    • This extra damage is indicated on Table, except during a critical hit, where it is not multiplied.
    • This only applies to whips and does not stack.
    • This damage cannot be added to Attacks of Opportunity unless combat has not started.

    Whip Excellence: Add to the number of DEX modifier, as shown in Table, to any combat maneuvers made with a whip. These bonuses stack with any feats that grant similar bonuses.
    Greater Whip Mastery: When at 5th level, you can attack the area of your natural reach plus 5 feet.
    • Grasp an unattended object, with an AC 10 melee touch attack, up to two size categories smaller than you with your whip, and pull to you.
    • It is a free action to pick up the object.

    • Further, use 5 feet of the whip to grasp onto a stable object as a grappling hook and swing on like a rope.
    • As a free action, your whip can release the object it is grasping, but you cannot use the whip to attack while the whip is grasping an object.

    Whip Trick: Select a trick to learn:
    1. Absolute Whip Mastery: Your whip may overcome damage reductions based on your level.
      • When at level 6, your whip's damage is counted as camay for bypassing damage reduction effects.
      • When at level 16, a critical hit against you is treated as a normal hit. Finish a long rest before using it again.
    2. Acrobatic Improvisation: Use your whip to aid you in a balance, climb, jump, or any other form of acrobatic maneuver where a rope could help.
      • Provides a +2 bonus on these skill checks, plus any whip enhancement bonuses
    3. Crippling Critical: When at least at level 10, on a critical hit, you can apply one of the following:
      • reduce all the target's speeds between 5 to 10 feet
      • 1d4 Strength or Dexterity damage
      • –4 penalty on all saving throws
      • –4 penalty to Armour Class
      • 2d6 bleed damage which continues until the target receives healing or a DC 15 WIS skill check
      Non-damage penalties last for 1 minute.
    4. Disrobe: Make a combat maneuver check against an opponent wearing armour (treat as a sunder attempt).
      • On a success, they take a -1 penalty to AC.
      • If the opponent is wearing unconventional armour, they can take an action to fix it, which provokes attacks of opportunity.
      • If the total penalty to AC reaches 0, it is either sundered or cut so much that it falls uselessly to the ground.
    5. Loud Crack: When the whip snaps against an opponent, it makes a deafening sound, treated as the 'thundering' property for one minute.
      • Target must succeed on a CON saving throw or take thunder damage and be deafened until the beginning of your next turn.
      • This damage increases when you reach 5th level ( 2d6 ), 11th level ( 3d6 ), and 17th level ( 4d6 ).
      • Can be used a number of times per day: 1/2 their whip levels + their INT Modifier.
    6. Disrupting Crack: Requires the Loud Crack trick.
      • Make a CHA check to make an alarmingly loud crack of thunder.
      • Anything else within 30ft of this check can use that in place of a WIS-based saving throw if that result is higher.
      • Can be used a number of times per day: 1/2 their whip levels + their INT Modifier.
    7. Flowing Draw: When at level 10, draw your whip as a free action or sheath it as a standard action.
      • If you have the "Quick Draw" feat, you may draw it as an immediate action and sheath it as a free action.
    8. Lightning Fast: Whip has the 'shock' property for one minute.
      • Make a melee spell attack against the target.
      • You have advantage on the attack roll if the target is wearing any metal.
      • On a hit, the target takes lightning damage , and it can’t take reactions until the start of their next turn.
      • Damage increases when you reach 5th level ( 2d8 ), 11th level ( 3d8 ), and 17th level ( 4d8 ).
      • Can be used a number of times per day: 1/2 their whip levels + their INT Modifier.
    9. Second Defense: Once per round, after a successful PER check, make an attack roll to deflect ranged attacks with your whip.
      • Make additional DEX rolls, if you have the 'Combat Reflexes' feat, but doing so counts against the number of attacks of oppertunity you get.
    10. Viper's Strike: Can poison your whip, without accidentally poisoning yourself, that lasts for two uses.
      • Can be used a number of times per day: INT Modifier.
    11. Whip Stretch: Whip's reach can increase 5 feet, multiple times, to a max range of 20 ft.
      • Can be used in combination with other whip tricks or lash talents.
      • However, only deals critical hits to targets within the normal reach.

    Evasion: A successful DEX saving throw against an attack that normally deals half damage, instead delivers no damage. Can be used only if wearing light armour or no armour.
    Improved Evasion: Takes no damage on a successful DEX saving throw against attacks. Henceforth takes only half damage on a failed save.


    Elemental whips are knottery devices that convert the camay ejected from a person into manifestations of flames, torrents of water, slashes of wind or lightning discharges.   They can also be tied with additional attachments or ornamentations that granted newer tactical options like poisons, extension knots, turning tunes and boosters.   Using whippets can lead to paralysis, injury, coma or death against an enemy.
    Interactions with camay can only be made in areas strongly affiliated with the Siq'i Lines. Ceque lines mark where the divine winds intersect with the terrain and thus where knottery devices are able to turn camay to produce their magical effects.
    Item type
    Weapon, Other
    Current Location
    Related Technologies
    Related ethnicities
    Accessibility Damage Effects
    DC 5 INT: Common Piercing
    DC 10 INT: Uncommon Wind, Fire, Poison
    DC 15 INT: Rare Water, Lightning, Cold
    DC 20 INT: Very Rare Impact, Light, Acid
    6 - 10 feet long (possible 6ft extension)
    Raw materials & Components
    Animal Fibers
    Whips are difficult to control and there is a significant risk of accidentally striking oneself or others with the whip's lash.   On the event of a failed skill check, roll on this table to decide the kind of backlash inflicted on oneself.
    1d10 Backlash Consequences
    1 Harmless display of colours and noise
    2 Incapacitated until the end of the next turn
  • Unconsciousness for the rest of the turn
  • Awaken after taking damage during that turn
  • 4 The whip's next use fails
    5 Targets have a saving throw advantage against you for 3 turns
  • For 3 turns, make a 1d20 CON saving throw for every action taken.
  • If saving throw fails, then use the fails.
  • 7 Take 2d6 damage per use level that caused the backlash
  • Lose the chance to use your highest available action level
  • Lose 1d4 camay charge
  • 9 Action fails followed by a random decrease of camay 1d100
  • Can make no more whip actions for the rest of the turn
  • Camay recharged to full
  • For 3 turns, make a 1d20 CHA saving throw for every action taken
  • If failed, you fall unconscious for a turn

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