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Stone Sliding



Suchuna is a series of smooth rock channels that undulate down a section of Sacsayhuamán hill.
Steep West Slope
Located at a lower altitude, these rock chutes are unbroken and regularly polished by the sliding butts of hundreds of children.
Gentle East Slope
Located at the higher altitude, these rock chutes are shorter and show breaks and turns due to natural earthquakes.   These slides are polished by hand for consenting adults to try, as they are more dangerous.

Components and tools

Ceremonial Features

Carved benches, steps and altars were long ago inlaid into the hillside playground as part of a ceremonial complex, but are mostly an informal gathering point for people to socialize. Much like the slide itself, these manmade features are glassy smooth, greenish and sparkling like a white oyster.



Children from the nearby communities happily slide down polished grooves as their sliding spot.


Adults ride the western and eastern slides as well. Though there are semi-professionals who use several showy techniques for observing audiences as popular entertainment.


The youth amuse themselves in coursing through these polished grooves on most afternoons, after chores and on festival days.
Alternate Names
  • Toboggan Slide
  • Smooth Rolling Stone
Related Organizations
Related Ethnicities

Top-most Slides

There are several broken and unslidable rocks at the very top of Sacsayhuamán hill. This glistening outcrop has its own ceremonial use but children often like to sneak onto it to play as a crawlspace.

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