Guildmaster of Graystone

The title of Guildmaster can be found across the cosmos, but the Guildmasters of Graystone are a form of high ranking nobility rather than just a professional title.


For those living in the Capital of Graystone, to be a Guildmaster is not just a sign of ownership but a highly venerable rank both politically and economically. There are two ways of becoming a Guildmasters, the first and most common, is the formation of a Guild. This process requires the signiture of yourself and forty other citizens of Graystone.
Surprisingly, for a Capital that focuses so intently on capital and its acquisition, there are few ranks within Graystone that you can just purchase. Guildmaster status is a prime example of this as you are not allowed to hire or purchase any signitures when forming your guild.
The second method, one that is highly uncommon, is acquiring a Guild from the previous Guildmaster upon death. In accordance to the laws of Graystone, you cannot transfer your Guild to any blood-relative and with Dwarvish families and their Guilds being very interwoven, this often means Guilds are abandoned upon the death of the Guildmaster. This is believed to keep the market fresh and allow others the chance to improve upon a monopoly that was once claimed.

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Nobility, Honorific / Ceremonial

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Author's Notes

This article was created for Summer Camp 2021. This means it is likely incomplete and not to be taken as fully canon within the setting.

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