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"We cry out and they came, axes and blades held high, the voices of their ancestors at their back. The Fianns of old, A banner black and silver reflected in That bloody dawn..."
-Excerpt from The Saga of Ulstrin
  The Wayward Warriors of Vierda. Fiann's are the subject of many bard's tales. They are a foundational caste of Vierdian society. Dating back to the High Kings of Rhone and their court, they are of prestigious position which can only be earned through great deeds and much hardship. Famous for the sagas written of their hallow quests and grand adventures, found on every isle.


Heart, fortitude and a willingness to seek out deeds to achieve. Age and gender play little factor in the pursuit of greatness. Neither does your station in life, from the lowest of squealier to the greatest heights of the clans hierarchy have Fiann's been chosen. Sacred rites of destiny and the quest wait on no man or woman. It find only those with the potential to be worthy.


The raising of a Fiann happens under only two circumstances. They are elevated by another of the Title through rigorous Testing or by the Fain bearing witness to such an act of glory that justifies there raising to the rank. In this circumstance the appointment must be approved by the closest available member of the iron druids. The second method of raising is much like the first, As an Iron druid themselves can bestow the title on any they deem worth of the codes.   Regardless of which Appointment is given the ritual is the same. Known as the Threefold Rite of Hares, The newly anointed Fiann is presented under the raising moon in a hidden location to a council of prominent Druids. Donned in there profane adornments of black and steel, they brand the supplicant with the image of the threefold Hare the druidic symbol of the Fiann in their order. They are then baptized in honey water and beer and finally the Ascendant Fiann must proclaim his Word to the realms, their hallow vows of their own design to all present and if accepted they would finally become a member of the legendary fellowship
Hare Trio By Vikki Yeates
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