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Rilanga Academic Teacher

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The bearer of a teaching license in Rilanga academia.


In order to gain an academic teaching license, it was mandatory to obtain first a basic and then an advanced degree in one's field of study. After that, the prospective academic teacher was allowed to assist an established duluztu in preparing and presenting lectures as well as grading students' exams.   In parallel to these teaching activities, they also had to conduct a research project which they would then develop into a lecture of their own.


They needed to spend at least three years as an assistant teacher or uztu pihabreda. In order to keep this rank, they were not allowed to go without teaching activities for more than three years at a time.


Once the research project's objective was reached and the associated lecture was approved by the university's teaching board, the candidate was granted the rank of duluztu in a dedicated ceremony. It generally took place in front of the assembled university staff, students of the related field and the extended family of the appointed person.


As a major role model, a duluztu was expected to be on their best behavior at all times. They were to live and breathe the Rilanga values and reprimand anyone whom they found acting against those.


A duluztu was responsible for teaching their field's basic and advanced lectures to university students. They were in charge of exams and supervised the research projects required for obtaining the respective degrees.


Duluztu were among the best-paid civilians. This rank was also a prerequisite for joining an university's teaching board and having a vote in decisions that affected the education system on several levels.
Academic, Qualification
Alternative Naming
Equates to
Tuntemo (Ran-E-Zu)
Uztubes (Rilsu)
Source of Authority
University Teaching Board

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