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Calendar of Those Who Know

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This calendar goes back to the time when The Outer Planetoid was still orbiting the system's star. Despite the planetoid now being held in a fixed position, Those Who Know kept the old system for structuring time.



Date Units

A year in this calendar is divided into four phases based on the relative distance between the Outer Planetoid and That Which Changes, which used to determine the strength of this species' matter-altering powers.   Those phases have 50 days each, except for the third one which has 55. The days are further grouped into weeks of five days each.  
Unit Months Weeks Days
Year 4 Phases 41 Weeks 205 Days
Phase 1 Phase 10 Weeks 50 Days
Week 0.1 Phases 1 Week 5 Days
Day 0.02 Phases 0.2 Weeks 1 Day

Daytime Units

Each day is divided into ten parts of 20 coarse units. Each of those has 80 medium units which in turn have 50 fine units each.  
Unit Coarse Medium Fine
Day 200 Coarse Time Units 16,000 Medium Time Units 800,000 Fine Time Units
Day Tenth 20 Coarse Time Units 1,600 Medium Time Units 80,000 Fine Time Units
Coarse Time Unit 1 Coarse Time Unit 80 Medium Time Units 4,000 Fine Time Units
Medium Time Unit 0.0125 Coarse Time Units 1 Medium Time Unit 50 Fine Time Units
Fine Time Unit 0.00025 Coarse Time Units 0.02 Medium Time Units 1 Fine Time Unit



1The Phase Of Greatest Power
2The Phase Of Waning Power
3The Phase Of Power Loss
4The Phase Of Waxing Power

Days Of The Week

1First Day Of The Week
2Second Day Of The Week
3Third Day Of The Week
4Fourth Day Of The Week
5Fifth Day Of The Week
Used by
Those Who Know
Era before the beginning
Before The Hive
Era after the beginning
In The Hive
Days per year
Months per year
Average days per month
Days per week
Hours per day
Minutes per hour
Seconds per minute

Date Converters

Duration Converter

Energy Levels

Energy Distribution in the System

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