The Kaleidoscope System

The Kaleidoscope System

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That Which Changes. Larevok. Caléidóscópa. Miraqùl'òrò.   This swirling cloud of colors has many names.     Located at the outer rim of the star system, it floods the worlds within with a wide spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Energy that brings life and death alike, powers technology and enables magic.

The second planet from the star, Chryphóra/Qentora, is populated by bipedal, land-dwelling fish at an early industrial stage, torn apart by a long-lasting conflict between two superpowers.

Ranul - a moon of the third planet, Kasavoa - is inhabited by an advanced society of reptilians. They learned the hard way how devastating such a conflict can be - and yet, some already start forgetting that lesson.

Finally, on the outermost planetoid you can find Those Who Know - a vaguely insectoid race, united in an ancient hive mind and looking on the younger species in concern.

And then there is another group which visits the system every couple of centuries - a herd of sentient, organic spaceships roaming the universe.
Mostly unseen due to their camouflage capabilities, they stop by the worlds which harbor life in order to feed on various plants and minerals.   However, the last time they came here, one young ship got left behind,
creating unexpected connections between various parties throughout the system...