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Those Who Know

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A bipedal, vaguely insectoid species with matter-altering powers.

Basic Information


Those Who Know prefer a bipedal form with one head and two different pairs of arms. Part of their body is molded to resemble clothing as worn by the younger species.

Biological Traits

There is little variation among Those Who Know, because their bodies are optimised for the circumstances in which they live.   They have a light, thin build because of their planetoid's low gravity.   Their skin is bright white with a bluish tint, reflecting excessive amounts of energy that would be harmful to them. In contrast, those parts of their body which resemble clothing are black to better absorb these energies. These "clothes" are most likely to vary when they try on a new fashion.   The eyes are yellowish-green.

Genetics and Reproduction

Those Who Know reproduce asexually by re-arranging matter, such as the ground below them, into a new member of their species and infusing it with the electrical energy required by the nervous system. Since the source matter might as well come from an ailing or deceased member's body, this effectively makes them immortal.

Ecology and Habitats

This species evolved to survive under the harsh conditions caused by the close proximity to the Kaleidoscope. Once their bodies had adapted to redirect these energies rather than be broken apart at the subatomic level, they began to thrive in the constant exposure. The Kaleidoscope's radiation is their form of nourishment as well as their tool for shaping the world to their liking.   To improve on these aspects, they actively force their homeworld into a stationary position on its original orbit where it is closest to the colorful nebula.

Additional Information

Social Structure

All members of this species are telepathically linked, forming a large hive mind. There is no hierarchy, and all members contribute equally to the thought processes and decision making.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They evolved on The Outer Planetoid and can be found wherever they want to be.

Average Intelligence

Being effectively immortal, they had ages to learn, and their connection through a telepathic hive mind means that they can perceive and process information with a large number of brains working almost simultaneously. This makes them the highest-developed intelligence in this star system.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Aside from two sets of eyes, Those Who Know possess numerous antennae all over their body.   The most sensitive antennae are the four long ones on top of their head and the five on each hand of the secondary arms. What appears as long claws at the fingers and toes are in fact secondary antennae for a different frequency spectrum. The same goes for the fleshier appendages at the front and back of their head.   These antennae enable them to pick up the electromagnetic radiation from the Kaleidoscope at almost any wavelength, and in turn allows them to re-direct these energies according to their wishes. Coincidentally, this also makes them telepathic, because the electric activity in a nervous system is just one variant of the same energies.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

With the power to manipulate matter itself, they have no need for any technology. However, this does not stop them from copying technology developed by the younger races, just for entertainment.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Those Who Know have no need for any language, since all of them are equally aware of the concept or entity that they are thinking about.

Common Taboos

With regards to using their powers, they draw the line at harming sentient beings other than themselves. They will not re-shape those beings or create anything that poses a direct threat to them.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Those Who Know are highly curious about alien beings that developed so very differently from themselves. They enjoy observing sentients and sapients in their natural habitat to learn as much as possible about them. They stick to a passive role, believing that every species should develop on its own terms.
Average Height
1.70 - 1.75 m (without head antennae)
Average Weight
55-60 kg
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Those Who Know


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