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The Kaleidoscope

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A colorful nebula and powerful radiation source at the edge of the star system.


This nebula can be found at one outer edge of the star system, forming an arc that subtends an angle of approximately 80°. It appears as a swirling mass of chaotic colors. The chemical composition is unknown, since nothing can get close enough to examine it.

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The defining trait of this phenomenon is the massive amount of energy that it emits. The electromagnetic waves radiating off it span the whole spectrum - from heat, visible and ultraviolet light to x-rays and gamma rays.   Consequently, it has devastating effects on matter that gets too close to these energies, by breaking up the connections between molecules, atoms and subatomic particles. On the bright side, it is an additional source of warmth and light for the inhabitants of the system.
Alternative Name(s)
Caléidóscópa, Miraqùl'òrò, Larevok, That Which Changes
Distance from the star
485,089,500 km
632,472,000 km
124,300,000 km

Cover image: by Kathrin Janowski


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