Rilsu Calendar

The Rilsu calendar begins counting after the end of the The Final War.  



Year, Month & Weeks

  The Rilsu year equals the time it takes for Kasavoa to orbit Larekon. This year is split into 16 months of 32 days, as well as one month of 9 days. These days are further grouped into weeks with eight days each.   One other important measure is the pandu, which corresponds to one orbit around Kasavoa and takes 32 Kasavoan days. These pandu are counted separately from the months and play an important role in measuring ages.    




1Sizonomathe cold month32
2Tugrunomathe freezing month32
3Aminomathe ice month32
4Guztinomathe melting month32
5Uvonomathe crab's month32
6Kolkanomathe seed month32
7Sigifnomathe sprout month32
8Degmanomathe green month32
9Sedunomathe warm month32
10Pikanomathe bright month32
11Akrunomathe boiling month9
12Keponomathe escape month32
13Zadrunomathe relief month32
14Despinomathe ripe month32
15Hudrunomathe reaping month32
16Atrunomathe storing month32
17Taprunomathe rest month32

Days Of The Week

1Musamizthe first day
2Musagolthe second day
3Musakepthe third day
4Musavilthe fourth day
5Musamifthe fifth day
6Musagotthe sixth day
7Musadeothe seventh day
8Musakuzthe eighth day
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Used by

Era before the beginning
Nutgefa Zem Runeki - Before the Final War

Era after the beginning
Vuz Zem Runeki - After the Final War

Days per year

Months per year

Average days per month

Days per week


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