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Pereqaian Calendar

The calendar begins counting after the Treaty of the Tribes was signed.  



Year, Month & Weeks

  The Pereqaian calendar is based on the cyclic movements of Qentora, which takes 348 days to complete its orbit around the star Tadan'a, and of its moon Belen'a which has a lunar cycle of 25 days.   Accordingly, a Pereqaian year has 14 months. Each month has 25 days, except for the fourth and eleventh month which have 24. Furthermore, these months are equally split into five weeks.    




1Mu NèlisiThe month of spring balance
2Mu NiseqònThe month of awakening
3Mu OzideThe month of flowers
4Mu SedùtThe month of light
5Mu QòtveThe month of heat
6Mu PêtveThe month of warmth
7Mu SeshivèrThe month of golden grain
8Mu NélgofiThe month of fall balance
9Mu ShulòriThe month of harvest
10Mu RenifiThe month of storage
11Mu QúshveThe month of darkness
12Mu NifhêqaThe month of freezing
13Mu FêfumishThe month of calm snow
14Mu ZêicenThe month of cold mud

Days Of The Week

1Oitadathe day of Tadan'a
2Oibelethe day of Belen'a
3Oisevdethe day of stars
4Oilèmithe day of rest
5Oiqaxidethe day of colors
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Used by

Era before the beginning
Fêd Gelòixo Zaxoxtib
- Before the Treaty of the Tribes

Era after the beginning
Tù Gelòixo Zaxoxtib
- After the Treaty of the Tribes

Days per year

Months per year

Average days per month

Days per week

Date Converter

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