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The Treaty of the Tribes

Table of Contents
The agreement which serves as the foundation of the Pereqaian Alliance.


This treaty defines the terms of cooperation between the eight founding tribes of the Pereqaian Alliance. It covers aspects such as core cultural values, common organizational structures and military as well as economic support.

Document Structure


The document is divided into several articles, each of which deals with a different aspect of the Pereqaian Alliance.  
  1. Core Values: Respecting the other tribes' culture, laws and ethics.
  2. Membership: Rules for joining and leaving the alliance.
  3. Standards: The common ground for coordination and communication.
  4. Government: The governmental body of the alliance.
  5. Military: The military structure and chains of command.
  6. Resources: The distribution of resources between the tribes.

Publication Status

The original document was written down in eight different languages, translated for each founding tribe. The scrolls holding the original words are kept in the Council Archives in Bêxuròtu. Once the Pereqaian language was established, the Treaty of the Tribes was translated accordingly and this version became the definitive official reference.   Most chieftains in Pereqaia own a copy of the treaty so that they can ensure their tribe's adherence to it. Who else has access to this document depends strongly on the governmental structure and educational system of the tribe in question.

Historical Details


The Pereqaian Alliance was established in response to the threat posed by the Nimýric Empire. Their aggressive conquest policy, which not only subjugated people but also sought to eradicate their cultural identity, drove the founding tribes to seek out eachother's help in defending their ancestral lands.

Alternative name(s)
Gelòixo Zaxoxtib

Treaty, Diplomatic
Authoring Date
0 TGZ, Mu Lilisi 1

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