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Pereqaian Alliance

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An alliance of numerous countries on the continents of Qùgêzuia, Qùgpêtia and Qùgedòlia.


The Pereqaian Alliance is lead by the Tribal Council in which all of the tribes are represented. The tribes themselves follow different organization patterns. There are monarchies, democracies, theocracies and numerous other forms of government to be found.

Public Agenda

The primary purpose of the Pereqaian Alliance is to support each other in the war against the Nimýric Empire. Besides that, it facilitates political and trade relations between the tribes by providing a shared language and philosophy. Their official motto translates as "we stand differently but together for freedom", stressing the fact that no member of the alliance is to be restricted by this alliance.


Before the Alliance

There have always been interactions between the different tribes, ranging from peaceful trade to intermarriage and armed conquest. Some relations concerned neighboring family clans, others connected nations across islands and continents. However, there was no central coordination of those relations.  

The Invaders from the West

This was to change when yet another power entered the picture from beyond the western island chain. The Nimýrité were different from other conquerors. They not only subjugated the people, but outright tried to destroy the tribes' identity. Moreover, they had the audacity to claim that this was for the people's own good, arrogantly dismissing their cultural and scientific achievements as worthless.   There was no reasoning with them - despite their alleged intelligence, they failed to see any benefit in what the tribes had to offer. When they ran out of sweet words, they resorted to the use of weapons. They murdered those who dared to speak their mind, and ripped innocent children from their parents' arms to better twist their minds. And the tribes' colorful ideas and philosophies began to suffocate under a blanket of uniformity.  

The Treaty of the Tribes

Faced with the danger of seeing their ancient civilizations die, four chieftains from the eastern coast of Qùgêzuia came to the realization that no tribe could fight this battle alone. Still, they saw that even their combined forces would not stand a chance against the invaders. So they sent a group of emissaries across the Niuculol Sea, to seek help from their allies on Qùgpêtia. Seeing that the same scourge was already headed towards their own lands, said allies promptly agreed to provide it.   To better coordinate their efforts, a spokesperson was chosen for each of the involved tribes. They gathered in the palace of Bêxuròtu to discuss the terms of their cooperation and solidify them in the so-called "The Treaty of the Tribes". Among other things, they agreed on a common language, a shared command structure for directing their armies, and the distribution of resources such as raw materials, weaponry or food. Finally, they chose a common name for the nations united under this alliance: Pereqaia, the land of freedom.    

Growing Stronger

By combining their unique strengths, the tribes under the Pereqaian Alliance managed to expel the aggressors from their ancestral lands. Reports of their success quickly traveled across the two continents, encouraging neighboring nations to approach them for help which was granted without prejudice. As every new member of the Alliance brought new insights and strategies, they eventually held the power to drive the Nimýrité back to where they came from.   Still, there was no time to rest. Experience had taught the Pereqaiande that the self-proclaimed saviors of the world would not stay away for long. This was further confirmed with the arrival of messengers from a third continent, far to the east. As it turned out, said continent was close to one of the western outreaches of the Nimýric Empire, making it easy for the latter to invade those lands. Knowing their common enemy all too well, the Pereqaiande were quick to come to the aid of the people whose continent would later be known as Qùgedòlia.

Foreign Relations

The Pereqaian Alliance maintains good relations with the Great-Kingdom of Hegaros and the Andasine Union. They also have trade agreements with the Khemilan Tribes and the Paronan Dynasty.

Nirù mele shurxa te gesi bêq pereqa!

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