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Introduction to the Kaleidoscope System

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Inhabited by three sapient species.
Shaped by a swirling cloud of ever-shifting energy.
Visited by sentient spaceships - one of whom got left behind...

The Kaleidoscope

This cluster of radiant, colorful clouds sits at the outer edge of the star system. It is a massive source of radiation across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, providing the inhabited worlds with energy - for better or worse.   Those Who Know think of it as "That Which Changes", because this is what it does.
The Rilsu know it as "Larevok", the fire in the sky.
The Nimýrité call it "Caléidóscópa", the beautiful sight.
The Pereqaiande named it "Miraqùl'òrò", the colorful sight.  

Important Factions

The Nimýric Empire and the Pereqaian Alliance

Species | Jun 10, 2021
  The second planet from the star, Chryphóra/Quentora, is marked by the ongoing conflict between two early-industrial superpowers: The Nimýric Empire and the Pereqaian Alliance. While the former view themselves as the vanguards of civilization with a duty to unite the planet, the latter see themselves as the valiant defenders of freedom and individuality. Currently, they are locked in a kind of stalemate - but both sides are working on changing that...

The Rilsu

Species | Dec 31, 2021
  On Ranul, the inner moon of the third planet Kasavoa, the technologically advanced Rilsu civilization has arisen from the ashes of a devastating war. The fact that their neighbors are heading in an eerily similar direction piqued the interest of socialogists and ethnologists. And now that the mistakes of their own past are fading from memory, the Rilsu might need this reminder more than ever...  

Those Who Know

The Outer Planetoid
Those Who Know
Species | Aug 28, 2022
  At the outer rim of the star system, a small planetoid is held in a constant position relative to the Kaleidoscope - the colorful cosmic phenomenon which irradiates the system with the entire spectrum of electromagnetic waves. One single species evolved in this hazardous place, perfectly adapted to not only survive the destructive radiation, but to redirect it in order to shape the world to their liking. United in an ancient telepathic hive mind, they live to explore the other worlds and the life on them.  

The Herd

Herd Ship
Species | Sep 30, 2022
  Once a century in the Calendar of Those Who Know, a large herd of sentient, organic spaceships stops by this star system. They roam the planets and moons in search of nutrition and water, hidden from sight by an innate camouflage mechanism, before leaving again - presumably for other feeding grounds.

science fiction with a touch of magic

three inhabited worlds



  • prejudice versus curiosity
  • individuality versus uniformity
  • watching history repeat

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The System

The Kaleidoscope System