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Nelim the Recoverer

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Ka-Nelim (a.k.a. Nelim Sizruta)

Ka-Nelim was the leader of the expedition that found the first specimen of the Guardian of Identity.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

In the year 85 VZR, Ka-Nelim lead an expedition to the north of the Zugderi Sea, specifically the region east of the Zalasu River's mouth. He had chosen this location based on years of research about the Guardians of Identity, piecing together the records of war survivors who had allegedly been part of that organization.   While excavating what used to be the basement of an elementary school, he discovered a broken, distorted aluminium casing among the remains of a cabinet. Although the hard disc drive inside had been damaged beyond repair, the writing engraved on the casing was still partially legible, revealing that the object in question was indeed one of the Rokilumutu devices.   News of this discovery quickly spread among the Rilsu, as the first actual proof that the stories of the Guardians were true. The very knowledge that part of their ancestors' culture might have survived gave a boost of inspiration to the young Rilsu society, and from that point on efforts to find the remaining devices were increased significantly.

Personality Characteristics


If there is even the slightest chance that the stories are true, then who in their right mind would risk losing what was saved?
— Nelim Sizruta
  Being born several generations after the Final War, Ka-Nelim grew up in a society that could hardly imagine what the life of their ancestors had been like. He was fascinated by the legend of the Guardians, firmly believing that there had to be at least some truth to it. He was convinced that, even with the deep separation between the warring factions, there must have been reasonable individuals on both sides. The fact that the survivors had built a peaceful, unified society was a testament to that. Ka-Nelim therefore made it his mission to find whatever the Guardians had hidden, certain that the Rilsu could only benefit from it.


Family Ties

Two years after the famous expedition, Ka-Nelim married the specialist for hazardous terrain who had been part of his team. Together they had two sons, both of whom would pursue similar careers in uncovering Ranul's lost history.
42 years
Date of Birth
58 VZR, Kolkanoma 10
287573 UTD 287656 UTD 83 years old
green banded feathers
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale orange

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