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Arotunon Wasteland

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The dry lands between the Zugnur Sea and the Zalzahub River.


This area is rather flat, sitting between the Ralenlos Mountains in the north and the Zuzetku Mountains which separate it from the Tambego Desert in the south.   To the west of the wasteland lies the fertile coast area of the Zugnur Sea, and the eastern border is marked by the Zalzahub River. The land between these two water sources is mostly dry, covered in reddish rocks and sand.

Ecosystem Cycles

The border between two tectonic plates runs right down the center of the wastelands. Consequently, they are shaken by intense groundquakes during the Heat Season.   Another key aspect of the Heat Season are the torrents of rain falling onto Mustik Hamesi. However, the dry ground of the wastelands is unable to soak it up in time. The water therefore runs down towards the surrounding bodies of water, dragging along the surface layer and what little plantlife managed to grow in it.

Fauna & Flora

Life is mostly found among the rocks near those few streams which feed into the sea and river. The area is primarily inhabited by small insects and a few cactus species such as the compact mutrofo.

Natural Resources

The rocks and sand contain great amounts of iron oxide and silicon. The Rilsu employ autonomous drones to extract these elements from the ground.


Despite its hostile environment, the wastelands used to be inhabited by a nomadic culture called the Zazaruo. They loosely allied themselves with the Ran-E-Zu Confederation near the end of the Final War, acting as guides for their troops passing through the border region. However, none of the Zazaruo are known to have survived the war's concluding wave of attacks.   Today, the only people found in these lands are a few scattered groups of scientists. But even those conduct most of their research via unmanned drones.
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Author's Notes

The first step towards the "inhospitable region" prompts. Next up are the articles about the people who used to survive there (until some idiots decided to nuke Ranul's population centers) and the cacti which are still around today.   What do you think of this region so far?

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