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Southwestern Missile Base

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The ruins of a Rilanga military base.

Purpose / Function

The Southwestern Missile Base was the Rilanga Union's primary launch site for intermarine missiles at the Zugnur Sea. It was built to target the heart of the Ran-E-Zu Confederation by aiming past the southern outskirts of the Ralenlos Mountains.


The silos, command buildings and personnel barracks were mostly built of concrete reinforced with steel. As far as one can tell from the remains, the architecture was rather plain and utilitarian. Nevertheless, traces of decorative elements can be found inside of what used to be the command center.


The base was destroyed by the Ran-E-Zu in the year 2 NZR. An area with a radius of about 52 km was soaked in dangerous levels of radiation and became completely uninhabitable for several decades.   As the ecosystem around the Zugnur Sea slowly recovered, the ruins were swallowed by a dense and colorful jungle. Numerous animal species found a home in the rubble of the command buildings and the caved-in underground structures. Bizarre trees and flowers, descended from mutations in the early times after the war, grow and bloom between withered slabs of concrete and warped, rusty steel.   Nowadays the area is a nature reserve. After the Rilsu had cleared the ruins of any remaining ammunition and similar hazards, they decided to leave them that way as a symbol of how they had overcome their ancestors' flawed ways and new life had risen from the ashes.


While much of the surrounding jungle is untamed and off-limits, guided tours are offered on dedicated paths. Park rangers frequently lead classes of archaeology or history students through what remains of the base.
2 NZR, Uvonoma 14
Founding Date
4 NZR, Sigifnoma 31
Alternative Names
Mihiskodi Lu Hib Gomakusi
Military base / complex
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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Jan 8, 2021 00:12 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Is there still high levels of radiation or has that mostly faded now? I love the sound of bizarre plants growing in the jungle because they have mutated.

Jan 8, 2021 09:39 by Kaleidechse

The radiation has mostly faded - about 1600 years in Earth time have passed since the Final War. I'm glad that you like the idea of bizarre plants! I'm not sure if or when I might get around to designing them, but I suppose it would be a lot of fun.

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