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The culture encompassing the tribes of the Pereqaian Alliance.


Major language groups and dialects

Every tribe has its own language, and many of those influence each other as traders, scholars or military forces adopt terms from outside their own culture. However, to facilitate cooperation against the threat from the Nimýric Empire, the founders of the Pereqaian Alliance agreed on one language that is used for all intertribal business. As a consequence, most diplomats and military personnel are bilingual or accompanied by a translator.

Shared customary codes and values

One core belief that the tribes share is that all of them have the indisputable right to their own cultural heritage and identity. Though historically, there have been frequent wars over land and resources, no victorious tribe would impose its own customs, religious views or societal norms on the defeated people. The philosophy behind this is that every unique perspective is a valuable contribution to the world, and supressing such ideas would lead to intellectual and social stagnation.
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Languages spoken

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