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Nimýric Calendar

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The calendar goes back to Nimýron the Benevolent. It begins counting at the day of his birth.



Date Units

The Nimýric year has 348 days, based on the time Chryphóra needs to complete its orbit around Saphéne. The months are based on the lunar cycle of Palia which takes 25 days. Consequently, there are 14 months. Each month has 25 days, except for the first and eighth month which have 24. These months are further split into weeks of 5 days each.    
Unit Months Weeks Days
éló 14 luné 70 cémórané 348 dinóné
lun 1 lun 5 cémórané 25 dinóné
cémóra 0.2 luné 1 cémóra 5 dinóné
dinó 0.04 luné 0.2 cémórané 1 dinó

Daytime Units

Each day has 30 hours which are further split into 60 minutes. The latter are again split into 60 seconds.
Unit Coarse Medium Fine
dinó 30 runané 1,800 mindóné 108,000 uciné
chidinó 15 runané 900 mindóné 54,600 uciné
runa 1 runa 60 mindóné 3,600 uciné
mindó 0.017 runané 1 mindó 60 uciné
uci 0.0003 runané 0.017 mindóné 1 uci



1Córélunthe month of ice24
2Aolunthe month of snow25
3Lahalunthe month of water25
4Chychlunthe month of growth25
5Chynlunthe month of budding25
6Dapolunthe month of blooming25
7Hémélunthe month of dancers25
8Dyntélunthe month of warmth24
9Miblunthe month of heat25
10Uklunthe month of ripening25
11Vésólunthe month of harvest25
12Matcylunthe month of rest25
13Roklunthe month of drying25
14Murilunthe month of blue25

Days Of The Week

1Palidinóthe day of Palia
2Éidinóthe day of fire
3Lahadinóthe day of water
4Phódinóthe day of brass
5Saphédinóthe day of Saphéne
Used by
Era before the beginning
Nyvé Nimýron - Before Nimýron
Era after the beginning
Pal Nimýron - After Nimýron
Days per year
Months per year
Average days per month
Days per week
Hours per day
Minutes per hour
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Nimýric New Year
Tradition / Ritual | Jun 10, 2021

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