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The Culture

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The cultural identity of Those Who Know.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

The bodies located on The Outer Planetoid do not have names since they share one and the same mind. The Hive generally thinks of them in terms of their current location or activity. However, bodies that are manifested on other worlds may take on local names if they need to interact with the younger species.


Major language groups and dialects

Those Who Know do not have a verbal language of their own, since they communicate entirely telepathically. As such they do not even have words for the concepts in their mind. Documents are recorded in a mixture of pictorial representations and magnetized structures which represent the associated thought patterns.   However, they are well-versed in the languages of the younger cultures. They can read and write them without problems when they need to, and know how to produce the soundwaves for vocalizing the words.

Shared customary codes and values


One prominent symbol is The Antenna Hand Insignia, which can be found in decorative elements all over The Caverns. Modeled after the appendage which plays a major part in The Recombination, it represents the very essence of The Hive's lifestyle. Core associations include control over one's own destiny, the joys of exploration and the thirst for new knowledge.  


Those Who Know perceive the entire electromagnetic spectrum on a direct visceral level. Consequently, they interpret colors based on the energy levels and frequencies involved.  
hue meaning
microwaves calmness
infrared warmth
Encompassed species
Languages spoken
Related Locations

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Rafael Martin
11 Dec, 2020 20:40

I really enjoyed reading about them and their culture. (The name is really cool, btw.!) and good job at those artworks! I enjoy drawing my species stuff myself and know it can take ages to get stuff done. I really really respect your articles for how much you're drawing yourself! I especially like the wall paintings. They look super authetnic :D I think my favorite detail was how they interpret colors A N D that they naturally can make use of colors that the human eye cannot see.

13 Dec, 2020 11:20

Thank you so much, I'm happy that you like my work! :D Creating art to go with the articles is a lot of fun, and it really adds a lot of depth to the worldbuilding. Besides, my big goal is to create a video game from this world one day, so illustrating the articles helps me with building up my library of 2D and 3D assets that I'll need for that. Thinking about the color symbolism of Those Who Know was fun, too, because they are so fundamentally different from the other two species. They don't need symbols to communicate their thoughts and their barren world does not provide much to anchor any symbolic meanings, so it was an interesting challenge to figure this out. I'm glad that you like the added colors outside the visible spectrum!

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Rafael Martin
13 Dec, 2020 13:38

That's really smart! You get to build a world/setting, good wiki for references AND art assets all at the same time! The extra colors gives a clear feeling that they truely do not see like we do. I like that :)