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The Recombination

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The primary power of Those Who Know, which is to rearrange matter on the subatomic level.


The Recombination converts the target material into a different one. This can be done on the molecular level by breaking the bonds between the existing atoms, or on the subatomic level by rearranging the neutrons and protons themselves.

Side/Secondary Effects

The main disadvantage of this power is that Recombiners need to channel enormous amounts of energy into the target object. This requires them to expose their bodies to high levels of radiation and put their own molecular makeup at risk.   Two important countermeasures are to either reflect the radiation away from the body or to have it absorbed before it enters too deep. Both are implemented by Those Who Know. The black outer layers of their bodies intercept harmful amounts of energy, simultaneously storing them for later use, while their reflective white skin provides a barrier to protect the bodies from breaking down too soon.   Besides these protective measures, frequent rest in shaded areas is required to let the Recombiners' atoms settle back into place.


As the recombined matter is infused with the energy required to break the subatomic bonds, some of this energy can be observed in the form of visible light and heat. It is usually possible to discern different colors, because separating the wavelengths allows for finer control over the Recombination.   The material in question often appears to melt, or can be seen gradually taking on a different outward appearance around the point where the energy is currently focused.


That Which Changes is the primary source of energy in the star system, which is why The Outer Planetoid is the ideal location for working The Recombination. To a lesser degree, the radiation from The Central Star can also be drawn upon.   Since this power depends on access to a radiation source, it is vulnerable to all that can block said radiation. To some degree this can be countered by actively channeling energy into darker locations, such as the depths of The Caverns or the shadowy side of a celestial body.   A finely adjustable array of antennae is required for both receiving and sending out electromagnetic waves of the appropriate frequencies, as well as directing the energy to the precise location that it needs to affect. Those Who Know engage in well-studied, dance-like motions in order to orient their numerous antennae and attune their bodies to the radiation. At the same time, they let their neural activity fall into resonance with its frequencies, which allows them to pick up and respond to subtle fluctuations in the electromagnetic field.


Those Who Know discovered this ability in the Year 3143, on Day 37 in the Phase Of Greatest Power. It quickly became the foundation of their civilization, allowing them to shape the terrain for shelter, create artworks or repair the radiation damage to their bodies. The Recombination itself provided them with the very means to optimize their bodies for becoming better Recombiners, by directly altering the material properties of their skin or engineering more suitable antennae.
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Applied Restriction
darkness, dense radiation-blocking materials

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