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Rafael Martin | Member Since 6 Mar, 2018
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World Anvil newbee, somewhat. I'm trying to dump all my ideas here at some point but it's so muuuuuch. I LOVE prompts! I'm a little ashamed of my many low-quality entries but I promise I'll update all these articles with proper links and better English soontm.

Right now the only ok-articles are those that have custom images. (It's not a lot right now, I know.)

Interests & Hobbies

Many creative hobbys, history, cultures, obscure fantasy fiction as well as very grounded fiction.

Favorite Movies

Star Wars (especially Sequel Trilogie), Alien & AvP franchise

Favorite TV Series

Game of thrones, The legend of Korra, Digimon Tamers, How to sell drugs online (fast)

Favorite Books

Guild Wars: Edge of Destiny, (some) Lovecraft audiobooks

Favorite Games

Guild Wars 2, Monster Hunter World, Dark Souls 2 & 3, Bloodborne (theoretically), Maneater, Digimon World(PS1) & Digimon World Championships(DS), Portal 2