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The Outer Planetoid

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The outermost planetoid of The Star System.

Movement in Space

Orbital Period

Originally, The Outer Planetoid used to take 205 rotations for one orbit around The Central Star. Due to the importance of That Which Changes for their matter-altering abilities, Those Who Know decided to stabilize their homeworld's position where it is closest to this phenomenon. They succeeded in stopping the planetoid's movement in the Year 75397, on Day 25 in the Phase Of Greatest Power and have been keeping it there ever since.

Rotation Period

The Halting also neutralized The Outer Planetoid's rotation. Those Who Know divided one such rotation into 200 Coarse Time Units.


Defining Features

This planetoid is located at the outermost edge of the star system.   About two thirds of its surface are molten, leaving one solid landmass on the side facing away from That Which Changes. This single continent is filled with bizarre, slowly shifting formations of various types of rock. Extensive cavern systems are found below the surface.


There is no atmosphere, and no other form of life besides Those Who Know.

Ecosystem Cycles

Radiation levels used to change massively according to The Outer Planetoid's orbital position. The Halting maximizes the radiation exposure.

Fauna & Flora

Since Those Who Know optimized their bodies for The Recombination and The Halting, they no longer appear in different forms. The only plants or animals on The Outer Planetoid are inanimate artworks created in The Calming Shelters.

Natural Resources

The main resource is the massive radiation from That Which Changes. Besides that, there are only the subatomic particles which make up The Outer Planetoid and its inhabitants.


  • The Outer Planetoid
Alternative Name(s)
Vokeran, Temróph
Planetoid / Moon
Location under
Included Locations
Related Ethnicities
Distance from the star
346,812,000 km
3,924 km
Minimum Distance from That Which Changes
138,275,538 km
Maximum Distance from That Which Changes
138,279,462 km (stationary)
831,903,462 km (original orbit)
Orbital period
205 Days
Rotation period
200 Coarse Time Units

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