The Outer Planetoid

The outermost planetoid of the system.


This planetoid is located at the outermost edge of the star system and has no atmosphere worthy of the name.   About two thirds of its surface are molten, leaving one solid landmass on the side facing away from the Kaleidoscope. This single continent is filled with bizarre, slowly shifting formations of various types of rock.

Fauna & Flora

Only one form of life managed to stabilize in this environment - Those Who Know.

Natural Resources

There are only two kinds of resources to be found here: The various forms of radiation from the Kaleidoscope, and the subatomic particles that make up the planetoid and its inhabitants.
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  • The Outer Planetoid
Alternative Name(s)
Vokeran, Temróph
Planetoid / Moon
Included Locations
Related Ethnicities

Distance from the star
346,812,000 km

3,924 km

Minimum Distance from the Kaleidoscope
138,275,538 km

Maximum Distance from the Kaleidoscope
138,279,462 km (stationary)
831,903,462 km (original orbit)

Cover image: by Kathrin Janowski


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