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The communication via thoughts.

Writing System

Communication requires an electromagnetic field composed of a specific set of frequencies. Among other things, this frequency profile depends on the way the receiver's individual brain is wired. This means that telepathic connections cannot be established without some form of common ground.   Therefore, The Hive creates each new body with a standardized synaptic structure. The bodies also exchange meta-messages to inform eachother about newly-formed or altered neural pathways.   In order to communicate with a member of a different species, The Hive needs to observe the target individual during a representative sample of situations. Basic sensations can usually be reproduced through an understanding of the species' sensory capabilities and the general brain regions responsible for processing the stimuli. However, abstract concepts can only be transmitted once The Hive has learned which electric activity patterns occur in the target under related circumstances.


Telepathic messages are sent by eliciting electric activity in the receiver's nervous system. Any concept that is known to or conceivable for that person can be expressed that way. Likewise, reading another person's mind bypasses any labels or similar representations that they may attach to these concepts.


The idea that a situation lies in the past or future can be embedded as a regular concept. The shift between two or more situations is usually represented by a sequence of related messages.

Sentence Structure

The concepts in a message are transmitted simultaneously, creating the thought pattern which corresponds to a particular situation.
Alternative name(s)
The Direct Communication
Spoken by
<Directing energy towards the ground of The Outer Planetoid for the purpose of maximizing energy exposure.>
— thought pattern of One Who Halts
<Relaxing enjoyment from a pendulum movement.>
— thought pattern of One Who Swings
<Lying inactively in the innermost chamber of this Calming Shelter.>
— thought pattern of One Who Rests

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Author's Notes

It was about time that I wrote this down, and this prompt was an ideal opportunity. I had fun fitting the mechanisms of telepathy into the language template and figuring out how to present "quotes" for The Culture. Also, thinking through the science behind it made me notice some interesting limitations that are generally overlooked in fiction - those will certainly be fun to explore.

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