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The outer moon of the third planet from the center.  
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Inekoa is the outer satellite orbiting Kasavoa, in tidal lock like its sibling Ranul. Its surface is covered in rock and dust.

Fauna & Flora

There is barely any water on this moon, nor is there enough of an atmosphere to sustain higher-developed lifeforms. Consequently, life is limited to some bacteria and lichen.

Natural Resources

Inekoa provides various minerals that are harvested by the Rilsu.
Alternative Name(s)
Cóya, The Rocky Moon
Planetoid / Moon

Orbiting which planet

Distance from the planet
937,676 km

2,142 km

Minimum Distance from the Kaleidoscope
302,381,125 km

Maximum Distance from the Kaleidoscope
667,797,874 km

Cover image: by Kathrin Janowski


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