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The title of Ace is bequeathed to those that prove themselves exceptionally skilled at "problem-solving", much more than the average synthetic or Organic. On their own, they're exceptionally skilled at what they do, whatever that may be. As a team, they are an incredibly effective force able to achieve anything from theft to assassinations. The skills Aces bring to the table make them valuable assets. Very valuable. Governments and corporations will pay ludicrous sums of money to "problem-solve" against their enemies   Their alliances are their own, as well as their equipment, meaning that you can find a team or two working for anyone and with tools no one has ever seen before. Some might work simply for the highest bidder, while others fight for a flag, or their own ideology. It also means that they, as private contractors, can rely on no one but themselves.   It's quite common for Ace to organize into teams, allowing them to compensate for the skills they don't have on their own, or simply to have someone watching their backs. they vary in size from half a dozen members to, in the most extreme cases, several hundred. Teams will often name themselves as a way to market their skills, and build a reputation for themselves.   In that same vein, there are organizations that coordinate many different teams of Aces, acting as centralized places for jobs to come in and be passed to teams looking for work. Those that are a part of a network often make less overall, due to the fees associated with membership, but it also promises steady work as well as usually providing a place to live and food to eat.


Some teams and networks have their own traditions regarding the induction of new members to the ranks of the Aces. A few believe the best way to get new recruits is to hold trials. Minor contracts intended to test their skills with the real deal. Tne vast majority of Aces, simply exists with the population.

Cultural Significance

Everyone, everywhere, knows the term. Many places have their own versions of it, like the Kitezhi "Odytny" or the Olteceno "Mioselotl".   On the whole, the term often inspires a feeling of awe, hope, and a little bit of fear. There are those that hate the Aces, based on the principle of not liking the idea of groups of people tearing up public and private property, without care for innocent casualties. Some of those people are just bitter they couldn't keep up with the Aces long enough to earn the title. These sorts are outliers, generally.   Aces aren't trusted intrinsically, per se, they are still mercenaries, but they have a reputation for getting the job done, whatever it may be.

Notable Holders

  • Kitsune
  • Man-of-Many-Faces
  • Johnathan "Coyote" Blackgrass
  • Merlin 12
  • Splatter Cat
  • Pieranwyr
  • Daydream
  • Ms. Myth
  • Manauia Heart-Eater
  • Yayauhqui Ocoxochicoatl
  • Ann "Nun" Wagner
  • Charlie "Squishy" Boothe, (named for him being one of a very small amount of Organic Aces
  • The Night-Haunt
  • Sgt. Daevin Maydwell
  • Trevor "Sabot" Mabotte
  • Tychus Hailey
  • Father Blank
  • Black
  • Primarch 0-1
  • Cale "Touchdown" Warfield
  • Tom Narhil
  • Friendussir
  • Riley Locust
Source of Authority
The gun
Length of Term
lifetime and beyond. Once an Ace, always an Ace.
First Holder

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