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Marsdon Arceneaux

(a.k.a. Ace)

The first M to bear the title of Ace, Marsdon Arceneaux is a bit of an enigma when trying to learn about his past before he earned and created the title.   What is known is he constructed somewhere in the Crownlands (It's most commonly said to be the northwestern production facility) and spent the first century of his life as a sort of caravan guard across tribal territories in his home region. Officially, the reason for him changing his career is unknown. Most people prefer the version of the story where tribal raiders sacked his hometown, killing the family he had built in that century, and leaving only him alive.   What can we say, we like the interesting stories more than the truth.   Whatever the actual event was, he vanishes for a century, nowhere to be found until his name appears on the payroll to some warlord in Southern Amerigo. He seems to continue that way for 7 years before he and his whole division are listed as KIA. The circumstances are not on any known records, which isn't surprising given where he was and who he was fighting for. His commanding officers, as well as the warlord he was fighting for, also make that list in the next month.   Then the name appears on a name plaque found in the western reaches of Northern Amerigo, in the basement of a building that had been built on top of the sheriff's office of a town so small that it's name is lost to time. Dating puts the founding of the town about 60 years after the death of Arcenaeux's warlord. In the decade and a half following the town's founding, the estimated numbers of tribals and gangsters (as well as tech-horrors, though to a lesser degree) drop dramatically, before once again the man seems to move.   This time, he appears in the team that established what people think of Ace's today.   In 2826, Arcenaux and his team (now known as the 9 Crowns) are hired to look into anomalies cropping up within the asteroid belt. Little blips on scanners, really, nothing all that serious.   Then they went dark for nearly half a solar year. The company that hired them assumed they just took their advance payment and ran, but noticed the anomalies had stopped. They were satisfied to leave it as it was.   At least until the 9 Crowns appeared in the office of the President of Columbia, seemingly through a tear in space. Whatever strange radiation that portal emitted even perminentaly dyed the president's hair a royal purple in places. Without a word, Arcenaux deposited a holo-map, a compatible Hard Drive, and his own personal sidearm on the desk before stepping back and vanishing the same way he appeared.   Once analyzed, the Hard Drive revealed two things. One was a star chart with coordinates of a location in the outer reaches of the asteroid belt, compatible with the holo-map that had been provided. The second, was a series of pictures, detailing half a dozen ships of colossal size and non-human construction. Many of those images were said to depict the occupants of those ships, along with the technology they possessed, but those have never been released to the public if they do exist.
Year of Birth
2724 6271 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Said to have been produced at the moment lightning hit his factory.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
weathered tan
5' 9"

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