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A collection of walled cities and archologies located in the shattered ruins of North Amerigo, Columbia is quickly becoming a terrestrial power and is attempting to become the same in the solar system.   Most known for it's repeated colonization attempts of the wilds of North America, they expend great resources in the hopes that it will bring even greater resources in the future. An investment of infrastructure and people, one might say.   For people who wish to leave Atmo, there are few better places. Just as good, there are a few, but no better. They have a strong intrasolar colonization program, focusing on Selene, @Ares, and Hades. They are entirely willing to take in disparate colonies and frontier towns, but they have rarely stood for those that resist. Try Columbia's patience and you will find yourself their next quarry.   Columbia has a large number of Military Model M's in comparison to other models, given that it's colonies regularly have to be defended from invaders, outlaws, and Tech-Horrors.
Geopolitical, Colony
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Democracy, Presidential
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