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Liquid State Hard Drive

The most vital part of modern computing and computer hardware, the Liquid State Hard Drive is perhaps the most important component piece to the modern age. Able to hold two and a half petabytes of data, when looking at high-end models, and just under one petabyte with lower models, their incredible storage capacity is a boon that modern humanity couldn't live without. Thankfully, it's production and maintenance were information that survived that fall of man.   Even though it's vital to modern-day life, it has not changed since before the fall of man. Even the Exos, ancient as they are, are built with them within the skull casing. The iconic opalescent glow shimmering from the sides of their heads. Even the loweliest synthetic animal will have one of these drives.    Given a statement like that, you might assume that the Machine-Minds are built with the LSHD in mind. That assumption would be inccorect, for the most part. The Machine-Mind is far more advanced than a simple data storage device, however most AMPs have at least one built into them.    Not for memory retention or anything like that, but for the operating systems of augmentations and modifications that will innevitably be installed. Especially ones the cause a change in physicality throughout the body, and as such have many many moving parts.

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